Salary Increase Punjab Employees as per Budget Speech 2021-22

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I am sharing the Salary Increase Employees as per a Copy of Budget Speech 2021-22 Punjab. The Punjab Government announced Budget 2021-2022 on 14th June 2021. Before this, Federal Government has already announced the budget. The pay and allowances, as well as pension enhancement packages for the Punjab Government employees in Budget 2021-22, are as under:


Salary Increase Punjab Employees as per Budget Speech 2021-22


According to the Budget Speech 2021-22, the Government of Punjab feels the difficulties of Punjab Govt employees. Previous year Govt could not increase the salary and pension last year. Now the economic situation is better and Govt has decided to increase salaries by 10% of the basic pay.

The Punjab Govt employees who have not yet received any 100% or more allowances, will get 25% Special Allowance @ 25% of Basic Pay. There is a proposal for a 10% increase in the Pension of the Punjab pensioners.


  • The Finance Minister Punjab announced the following regarding pay/pension increase in Budget 2021-22 Punjab:
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2021 @ 10% of the running/current basic pay of the Revised Pay Scales 2017.
  • Special Allowance @ 25% of the basic pay of the Basic Revised Pay Scales 2017.
  • Pension increase @ 10% of the net pension minus medical allowance.


Salary Increase Punjab Employees as per Budget Speech 2021-22



How Much Exact Pay Increase, the Punjab Govt Employees will get?


Adhoc Relief Allowance 2021, the Punjab Government granted on the running basic pay. In the same way, the Special Allowance 2021, the Government granted on the initial of revised pay scales 2017. For some employees, the 10% ARA-2021 is more than Special Allowances @ 25% Punjab of the same scale. For some employees, its value is more. If we take the average for all stages employees it comes between 14% to 18%. (BPS-16 and BPS-01 Employee). Thus we can say that the estimated salary increase for the Punjab Government employees is 23% to 26%. While the federal government employees got a total of 35% salary raise.

The Punjab Government may do some changes to the above benefits to the employees in the coming days. There are a couple of days to pass the Budget 2021-22, so something may happen.

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