Interest Free Loan Scheme for KPK Employees 2021-22

There is a good chance to get the Interest Free Loan Scheme for KPK Employees 2021-22. The employees can get the interest free loan for the following:

  • Motorcycle Advance
  • Motorcar Advance
  • House Building Advance
  • Bicycle Advance


Details of Interest Free Loan Scheme for KPK Employees 2021-22


I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has allocated Rs.290 Million (Rs.190 Million for General Employees and Rs.100 Million for Civil Secretariat Employees) for the current financial year 2021-22 on account of the Interest-Free Loan Scheme for Provincial Government Employees.

  1. The loan is admissible to all provincial government employees serving in BS-01 to BS-17 (for Bicycle, Motorcycle, and House Building Advances) and BS-17 and above (for Motor Car Advance Only). The allocated amount for the Interest-Free Loan Scheme will be placed at the disposal of Accountant General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, by the Finance Department, whereas the scheme will be executed by the Provincial Benevolent Fund Cell.
  1. In order to facilitate government employees a copy of the circular, form, affidavit, and Data Entry Software Program have been provided on the website and Facebook (Benevolent Fund KPK) page of Benevolent Fund Cell.
  2. The terms and conditions and respective quantum of different categories of loans under the scheme are as under:-


Eligibility criteria, Mode of Installment, and amount of loan


  1. Motorcar Advance Rs.200,000/- Rs.3,334/- P.M. in 60 equal installments, Min Service: 5 Years and Max Age: 55 years.
  1. House Building Advance Rs.250,000/- Rs.2,080/- P.M. in 120 equal installments, Min Service: 10 Years and Max Age: 50 Years
  1. Motorcycle Advance Rs.80,000/- Rs.1,340/- P.M. in 60 equal installments, Min Service: 5 Years and Max Age: 55 years.
  1. Bicycle Advance Rs.8,000/- Rs.200/- P.M. in 40 equal installments. No Criteria


Terms and Conditions to Get Advance


  • The installments above will be deposited without any break. In case of default in repayment, interest @ GP Fund will be charged.

iii. There will be no quota or special consideration etc. in any case and all such lists prepared for the purpose in the past will be deemed canceled.

  • Deputationists will not be eligible for the grant of the Interest-Free Loan Scheme.
  • The loan will be admissible only in one of the categories mentioned in (i) of the Terms and conditions. However, after the expiry of the period and return of all the installments another loan can be granted.
  • The loan will be granted only to those Government Employees who are not availing of the loan facility from the existing scheme, duly certified by the concerned DDO.

vii. Any employee availing the facility of Interest-Free Loan Scheme will only be relieved from services, in case of resignation, pre-mature retirement, termination, etc after the recovery of all the dues.

viii. In case of death during service of the loanee Government employees, the remaining installments shall be waived off in consultation with Finance Department.

  • The application forms of Civil Secretariat employees and its Attached Department shall be enlisted/scrutinized by Benevolent Fund Section Administration Department, Civil Secretariat, Peshawar (on DESP), applications of the Provincial Government Employees working in various Districts / Tribal Districts shall be enlisted/scrutinized by the Deputy Commissioners concerned (on DESP) and applications of Attached Departments shall be enlisted by their respective Provincial Offices (on DESP). Data Entry Software Programme (DESP) is available on the Benevolent Fund website KPK.
  • The last date for receipt of application forms for the current financial year at the concerned offices mentioned at (ix) above is 30/11/2021. After scrutiny of all such applications will be submitted to Provincial Benevolent Fund Cell up to 15/12/2021 the Departments in soft and hard copies, hard copies are submitted in sequence according to the list.
  • After scrutiny, the draw shall be arranged by a Committee.

xii. After the approval of the loan grants, Accountant General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will release the funds to the concerned Administrative Departments, Attached Departments, and concerned DDOs for onward release to the Government employees.

xiii. Deduction of installments and maintenance of record shall be the responsibility of concerned District Accounts Officers and Accountant General Office Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

xiv. Rules 253-A-2 (vi) of GFR will be considered relaxed at present.

  • Applications for the grant of Interest-Free Loan Scheme, for the current financial year ending 30th June 2022 from the eligible Government Servants, fulfilling the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions are invited for grant of Loan through their respective Departments/authorities on the prescribed application form along with attested copies of CNIC, Pay Roll and Surety Bond on stamp paper as per specimen attached.
  • Incomplete applications or late proposals shall not be entertained.

iii. Applications not routed through Deputy Secretary (Admn), Administration Department (Secretariat Employees) / Deputy Commissioners / Political Agents Head of attached Departments shall not be entertained.

  • Applications submitted directly in Benevolent Fund Cell shall not be entertained.


Data required to Fill the Form


Department Type (Mark )  SECRETARIAT  GENERAL
2. District Account Office
3. DDO Code
4. DDO Address / Description
5. Personnel No.
6. Computerized NIC No. – –
7. Employee Name
8. Father’s Name
9. Department / Office
10. Place of Duty 11. Cell No.
12. Post 13. Pay Scale
14. Loan Type (Mark )
15. Date of Birth
16. Date of 1st Appointment
17. Date of Retirement
18. Length of Service Days Months Years
19. Present Address
20. Permanent Address

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Interest Free Loan Scheme for KPK Employees 2021-22

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