How Some Pensioners Got Due Benefit after Almost 20 Years

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I am attaching a paper that narrates how some pensioners got due benefit after almost 20 years simply because they were not aware of it. Efforts have been made to explain through illustrations how the benefit was availed by some pensioners.  Any pensioners or family pensioners, who think that the benefit is admissible in their case, are welcome to get in touch with me. The details are as under:


How Some Pensioners Got Due Benefit after Almost 20 Years


Mr. Agha Amir has written this article in detail for the guidance of the pensioners. The pensioners can get benefit from this article in a well way. Let’s see the contents of this article.


Pensioners retired in 1990-91 and 1993-94

  1. The 1991-payscales came into effect from 1.6.1991. A special benefit the Govt gave to pensioners who retired (in the earlier 1987 payscales) during the 11 months period from 1.7.1990 to 31.5.1991. Finance Division notified this benefit on 3.10.1991.  Copy of paras 3 onward of the said O.M you can read below.  Many pensioners omitted to avail of it.  Some pensioners claimed and received the said benefit after many years.  In cases of a principal pensioner having expired, family pensioners received the benefit along with arrears for up to 20 years.


How Some Pensioners Got Due Benefit after Almost 20 Years

What exactly is the benefit?


  1. It allows concerned pensioners to get their pay refixation in the 1991 payscales on a notional basis as if the payscales were effective on the date of retirement (instead of the actual date 1.6.1991).  Notional in the sense that having actually retired before 1.6.1991, pay theoretically refixed in 1991 scales could not be allowed actually to them.  Such notionally re-fixed pay in 1991 scales was to be taken for pension purpose only, after a discount of 12%.  This is illustrated by the following data in respect of a pensioner who had retired on 30 Dec 1990:
  • Pay in PS 22 in 1987 scales on 30.12.1990 8,725
  • Pay fixed notionally in 1991 scales 12,125
  • Less 12% discount            (Rs.  1,455)
  • Pay for pension revision purposes on 30.12.1990 10,670.


Similar Benefit


  1. A similar benefit pensioner got who had retired on a date between 1.6.1993 and 31.5.1994 before the 1994 payscales came into effect from 1.6.1994 under Finance Division O. M. No. F. 1(2)-Imp/94(i), dated 15.6.1994. Para 8 of the O.M. says that “Government servants who have retired on or after 1-6-1993, till the introduction of revised pay scales i.e. 1-6-1994, be allowed pension/commutation on the basis of pay that would have been admissible to them, had the pay revision been effected on the date of their retirement, discounted by 12%.”


Factual Figures


  1. Factual figures in respect of a pensioner who retired in BPS 21 on 11.8.1993 are below. This pensioner recently received arrears of over Rs.3 million after he learned about the benefit, applied for it, and received it.
  • Pay in PS 21 in 1991 scales on 11.8.1993 11,585
  • Pay fixed notionally in 1994 scales 15,640
  • Less 12% discount             (Rs.1,877)
  • Pay for pension revision purposes on 11.8.1993 13,763
  1. I encourage the readers to examine their own cases as well as cases of all their friends who retired between the dates from 1.6.1990 to 31.5.1991, and from 1.6.1993 to 31.5.1994. If the due benefit they have not claimed/received due to some oversight, they are welcome to consult me in this and other pension matters.

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