Re-Fixation of Pay by Using Option after Allowing Annual Increment

I shall explain here all the situations here for the Re-Fixation of Pay by Using Option after Allowing Annual Increment. This situation may face every employee during his / her service. If the employee is promoted/upgraded/reappointed after 1st June to 30th November, he/she must have to think about his pay fixation. The employee may have a loss till her/his service and even during his pension if his/her pay is not correctly fixed by the accounts office.


Re-Fixation of Pay by Using Option after Granting Annual Increment

                There are many employees who faced this issue and ultimately had to bear a loss of increment. If the employee is promoted, upgraded, or re-appointed from lower to higher scale through proper channel on or before 1st June then there is no issue. But if the situation occurs after 1st June then there may be an issue.

Examples of Re-Fixation of Pay


Let’s explain the situation with examples.


Suppose an employee gets a promotion on 15th June 2020 from BPS-07 to BPS-11. His basic pay in BPS-07 was 19530/- as on 14-6-2020, let’s fix his/her pay with option and without option.


Without Option


Sr. No Date Pay Remarks
1 Pay on 14-06-2020 19530/- BPS-07
2 Pay on 15-06-2020 19610/- BPS-11 Next Above
3 Pay on 15-06-2020 20490/- BPS-11 (1x Premature Increment)
4 Pay on 01-12-2020 20490/- NO Annual Increment as the employee did not complete 6 months of service in BPS-11


In this example, the employee fixed his / her pay on 15-06-2020 without using the option. He / She will get the benefit of pay and allowances with effect from his pay fixation i.e 15th June 2020. But the employee will not get the annual increment on 1st December as he/she has not completed a continuous service of six months on 1st December.  So the employee gets benefits of pay and allowances from his/her promotion date but will not get the annual increment. This annual increment is the loss for him/her throughout his/her service.


With Option


Sr. No Date Pay Remarks
1 Pay on 14-06-2020 19530/- BPS-07
2 Pay on 30-11-2020 19530/- BPS-07
3 Pay on 01-12-2020 20140/- BPS-07 (Annual Increment)
4 Pay on 01-12-2020 20490/- Pay Fixed in BPS-11 (Next  Above)
5 Pay on 01-12-2020 21370/- BPS-11 Premature Increment


In this example the pay of the employee they will fix after the annual increment. He/She will get the benefits of promotion after annual increment but not from the actual date of the promotion. So the employee will get the loss of pay and allowances for wef 15th June to 1st December. But eventually, he/she will get more basic pay that will be worth for whole of his /her service. In 1st Example, they fixed the pay of the employee Rs. 20490/- while in 2nd example they fixed the pay as 21370/- So the employee gets 1x increment benefit by just sacrificing a few months’ pay and allowances.

Note: There may occur in a few cases that the fixation is the same by using options and without using the option. In such cases, it is better the employee may not use the option. For Federal Government employees, they can use this option on promotion, up-gradation, and re-appointment. Federal Government employees can use option for fixation of pay on reappointment from lower to higher pay scale. While the case may differ for provincial employees except on promotion. On promotion, all Pakistan employees can use this option.


Re-Fixation of Pay by Using Option after Allowing Annual Increment





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12 thoughts on “Re-Fixation of Pay by Using Option after Allowing Annual Increment

  1. Please provide any notification,om, office order in this regard, because I have faced the same situation. I was appointed in a higher scale in the same organization on 26-08-2011. I have not aware of any option for fixation nor my organization told me about this. Now I have came to know through your post that any such option is available. Also please guide me if I move my application for annual as well as premature increment, so I will get the said benefits?

  2. Sir, Hope you are fine.

    My post was upgraded from BS-05 to BS-07 on 01-04-2019 and i appointed as a Stenotypist in BS-14 in 11-06-2019. After appointment in BS-14 my pay fixed with 1x premature increment but in december annual increment has been deducted. Am i eligible for annual increment bcoz i appointed through proper channel? Accounts office told that i already availed two increment in a year (First upgradation and second is premature increment from lower to uper scale).

    1. syed tanveer hussain Shah · Edit

      aoa sir. i have inspired alot with your website it has helped me for many purposes. it is highly appreciated always keep it up sir. it is also requested you to please guide me about the pay fixation for the federal government employees of grade 18 to 19 and 14 to 16 if they got promotion after 1st june,2020 with the help of an example, thanks.

  3. السلام ا علیکم۔
    What is Presumptive Increment
    As per my information presumptive increment is for those employee who utilize the option of fixation at the time of promotion (in case of promotion after 30 June)

  4. What is the rule for pay fixation in case of promotion from higher to lower scale..? Premature incrementallowed or not?
    Premature increment on greater responsibilities/ duties allowed or not?


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