Four Tier Formula for KPK Teachers and Number of Increased Posts

As you know four tier formula for KPK teachers has been approved by the provincial cabinet of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. With the approval of the 4-Tier formula, the teachers will have now more seats/posts of BPS-20, BPS-19, BPS-18, and BPS-17.  The details are as under:

New Four Tier Formula for KPK Teachers / Increased Posts


Sr. No Teaching Posts Existing Posts New Posts Increase in Posts
1 BPS-20 55 Posts 140 Posts 85 Posts
2 BPS-19 835 Posts 2057 Posts 1262 Posts
3 BPS-18 2197 4753 2556 Posts


Benefits of New 4-Tier Structure KPK Teaching Staff


The employees of KPK of the teaching cadre will get now more benefits after the implementation of this new four-tier structure formula.  As the Government approved the number of higher posts, the employees will have more frequent promotions.  As there are many new vacancies that are approved, the employees will have more promotions. If they would take a promotion in 10 years, now they may get one in only a few years.


How Lower Grade Teachers will get Benefit?


Not only will the higher pay scale employees get the benefit from this new formula but also the lower grade employees. As the BPS-17, BPS-18, and BPS-19 teachers will have promotion to the next scales, they will empty the lower pay scales seats. These vacant seats/posts, the CTs, and PSTs will fill gradually. In this way, the CTs, and PSTs will also benefit from this new Four Tier Structure Formula.


Four Tier Formula for KPK Teachers and Number of Increased Posts


Newspaper News


As per the newspaper, 3903 KPK teachers of BPS-17 will have promotions.  KPK Government approved the 4-tier service structure formula of teaching staff. In this way, both male and female teachers will get the benefit of quick promotion.


New Four Tier Formula for KPK Teachers and Number of Increased seats



Islamabad High Court has also issued the Notification of Up-Gradation of Clerical Staff IHC including class IV employees and other posts in January 2023. That is a good step for Government employees. Such type of steps by the Government really encourages the employees to work with more zeal and zest. The KPK Government also issued this 4-Tier service structure formula for teachers on the instructions of the Court. Now I hope the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa teachers will have soon the Notification of Upgradation of Teaching staff KPK. In this way, all PST, CTs, SSTs, and other teachers will have more financial benefits.



Promotion of Teachers & Upcoming Vacancies


Numerous Teachers in KPK are getting promotions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Up-gradation of the Teachers shall basis on 4-tier Formula. There will be produced a number of vacancies after the 4-tier service formula. Hence the seats will be increased. It shall bring opportunities for jobless persons.


Number of  Seats Before and After Four Tier Service Structure


The details of the Number of posts before upgrading and the produced seats after up-gradation are as follows:-


Scale Details
BPS-20 The number of posts in the BPS-20, the cabinet has approved 55 number. After the 4-tier the number of seats is 140. It includes 39 males and 16 females. Hence 85 new posts shall be produced.  The number of seats for males will be increased to 89 and for females to 51.
BPS-19 The number of seats in this scale will be increased from 835 to 2057. Male Teachers will be increased to 1340 from 590. The number of female teachers will increase to 757 from 245.
BPS-18 The Cabinet has approved seats in scale BS-18 from 2197 to 4753. The number of 1454 male and 743 female teachers will increase to 2026 and  1717 respectively.


BPS-17 3903 teachers of BS-17 shall be promoted to the next scale. 2382 out of 6847 male and 2525 female teachers out of 4046 shall be promoted to the next scale.



As I have mentioned above that numerous seats, the department has approved to create.  KPK teachers from scales 19, 18 & 17 will get promotions next grade. The increase in the number of seats will bring new job opportunities. The candidates waiting for the vacancies on already mentioned seats shall be able to apply.

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