Clarification Regarding Grant Selection Grade to Teachers Sindh

Government of Sindh, Finance Department issued a letter on 18-01-2023 in connection with Clarification Regarding the Grant Selection Grade to Teachers in Sindh. The details are as under:


Notification Grant Selection Grade to Teachers Sindh Clarification

As per the Finance Department’s notification dated 08.11.1995. The Elementary Teachers, PTI, Drawing Teacher, SLTs, etc, who got appointments in BPS-09 the department will place them in BPS-14. The main condition for it is if they possess the qualification of BA/BSc in the Second class. However, 1/3rd got a selection grade in BPS-15. The Selection grade scheme, which the Department discontinued vide para-06 of the office memorandum dated 06.11.2001. The Department now has got reports that Education Department has time and again upgraded/promoted O.T, D.T, P.E.T, S.L.T & W.I, by awarding promotion & personal scale/selection grades in violation of the policies of this department.


Date of Discontinuation of SG


It is, therefore, reiterated that the selection grade scale the department has discontinued vides para-06 of the office memorandum dated 06.11.2001(Copy enclosed).


Reading Drawing Master as Drawing Teacher


Further, the department also clarifies that the designation of “Drawing Master (DM)” appearing at serial No.02 of this department’s notification bearing No.M-324 dated 08.11.1995 may be read as “Drawing Teacher” BPS-09. The post of Drawing Master exists in BPS-14 as per recruitment rules dated 20.03.1989.

The Department advises that any selection grade allowed to the drawing teacher or any other official must immediately be withdrawn and recovery be effected under intimation to this office.


Punjab School Education Department has already issued a Notification on 24-09-2019 in connection with Promotion Primary School Teachers as EST in schools of Punjab.

The Finance Department Sindh requests all the concerned offices to withdraw illegal orders (if any).

Clarification Regarding Grant Selection Grade to Teachers Govt Sindh

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