Notification Contingent Paid / Daily Wages Employees Regularization under Special Committee NA

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Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan, Islamabad issued an office order on 17-02-2023 in connection with Contingent Paid / Daily Wages Employees Regularization under Special Committee NA (National Assembly).  These orders of regularization are the result of a special committee under Mr. Qadir Khan Mandokhail MNA for the sacked employees.

Contingent Paid / Daily Wages Employees Regularization 2023 AGP Office

According to the Notification, the Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan regularized 18 employees.  These employees are of BPS-01 to BPS-04 for the posts of Naib Qasids, Drivers, Room Bearer, and Waiters.

                 The Special Committee of the National Assembly on Affected Employees under the Chairmanship of Mr. QADIR Khan, regularizes the Employees on different posts. The employees belong to the Office of Auditor General Of Pakistan  Islamabad,   Office of Rector, Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy Lahore, and Office of Director General, Petroleum and Natural Resources, Lahore. The details are available here.

Regularization of Contract Employees by Special Committee of National Assembly

The Special Committee of the National Assembly announces the Regularization of contract Employees of 3 different offices. These Employees were working on daily wages at the Department of Auditor General Pakistan. The details of the Employees are here:

Sr. No. Name of Employee Father’s Name CNIC Posts Basic Scale Office Name
1 Shabbir Ahmed Muhammad Siddique 37101-1926990-3 Naib Qasid BS-01 Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan,  Islamabad
2 Muhammad Sadeeq Muhammad Haneef 37405-7182817-5 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
3 Naseer Ahmed Ghulam Nabi 13202-7629285-3 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
4 Muhammad Rafique Haji Gul Muhammad 61101-2791436-9 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
5 Muhammad Amjad Muhammad Mumtaz Khan 82102-8844700-3 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
6 Siraj khan Dilawar Khan 61101-1950169-5 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
7 Shahid Mehboob Mehboob Elahi 37405-0229500-5 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
8 Usama Javed Muhammad Javed 34101-7491004-3 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
9 Khurram Sehazad Muhammad Akram 33301-9562604-7 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
10 Muhammad Arsalan Zafar Iqbal 37405-2638778-5 Driver BS-04 -do-
11 Muhammad Qasim Zahid Muhammad Younus 38401-9306101-3 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
12 Muhammad Ahad Muhammad Nawaz 35202-5606104-5 Waiter BS-01 Office of Rector Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy,  Lahore
13 Syed Ahmed Shah Syed Muhammad Irshad Hussain 35201-6704736-7 Waiter BS-01 -do-
14 Muhammad Tanveer Muhammad Sadiq 13101-0848475-7 Room Bearer BS-01 -do-
15 Muhammad Nabeel Muhammad Waheed 35201-5766101-5 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
16 Rana Abdul Hafeez Absuk Majeed 35202-3069804-9 Driver BS-04 Office of Director General Audit,  Petroleum, and Natural Resources Lahore
17 Hamayun Nazir Dost Muhammad 34301-0467313-7 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
18 Azhar Naseer Ahmed 35401-4548661-3 Naib Qasid BS-01 -do-
Previous History


Before this, I shared the recommendation of a special committee regarding the regularization of Contract employees who work on a contract basis, contingent paid, etc. Now the output of this committee has borne fruit and the various departments started issuing Notifications to regular employees. That is great news for the employees who are working on daily wages or contingent pay. There are chances that other offices will also soon issue the Notifications of regularization of their concerned employees.

Notification Contingent Paid Daily Wages Employees Regularization under Special Committee NA

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