A Rumor Regarding Stoppage of Payment Pay Pension for Employees

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A Rumor regarding the Stoppage of Payment Pay Pension for Employees has been shared by someone on social media. The same false news is also available in print media. The Daily Jang Rawalpindi Edition on 25-02-2023 also published the same news.


Stoppage of Payment Pay Pension and Other Privileges for Employees A Rumor


You can see the rumors and false news about the cut in salary and even the stoppage of salary for the month of February 2023. However as per the Finance Division, Govt of Pakistan, all such news is false and the employees and pensioners will get their salary and pension as per routine. The contents of the press release on 25th February 2023 are as under:


“There are rumors floating around that the Government has instructed to stop payment of pay, pension, etc. This is completely false as no such instructions have been given by Finance Division, which is the concerned federal ministry. AGPR has confirmed that pay and pension have already been processed and will be paid on time. Further, other payments are being processed as per routine.”


Clarification by Finance Division


According to the above statement of the Finance Division, the employees will get their pay and allowances/salary on time. The pensioners will also get their pension for the month of February 2023 in time. So the employees and pensioners should not worry about their pension and salary. The Accounts Offices have already processed the pay and pension.


People Playing with the Emotions of Employees and Pensioners


Some notorious persons are playing with the emotions of the employees for a long. They should not play with the emotions of the pensioners and employees. They just want to create a disbursement in the lives of the employees who are already facing a lot of difficulties due to the hike in the daily routine items.  The employees are already facing lot issues of with their conveyance charges. Instead of increasing their pay and allowances when they hear a such type of news their hearts broke. So people should not spread such type of news/rumors.


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A Rumor Regarding Stoppage of Payment Pay Pension for Employees

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