Clarification Regarding Admissibility Motor Car Advance

Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority issued a Notification on 03-03-2023 in connection with Clarification Admissibility Motor Car Advance.  Many employees were asking whether the employees of BPS-15 and below can get the motorcar advance or not if they have a basic pay of Rs. 35,000/- per month. The clarification is as under:


Notification Clarification Admissibility Motor Car Advance


The office letter No. DD(Rules /07456/7/11/75 dated 30.01.2015 and O.M. No. D/DD/(Rules)/07456/7/111/14753-80 dated 07.09.2018.

The query has been raised from different formations of WAPDA regarding the admissibility of Motor Car Advance to employees of BPS-16 & below is hereby clarified:


Query Clarification
Whether the employees of (BPS-16 & below) are eligible for a grant of Motor Car Advance having Pay of Rs. 35,000/- per month? Yes, the employees (BPS-16 & below) having pay of RS,.35,000/-  per month are eligible for Motor Car Advance of Rs.1,000,000/.

MCA for Gazetted/Non-Gazetted Employees


After the above clarification, the confusion of the employees was removed and we can conclude the below:


The employees of BPS-16 and below can get the motorcar advance if their salary is 35,000/- or above. The motor car advance is not only for the Gazetted Employees but the Non-Gazetted Employees can also get the same if they have the basic pay of Rs. 35000/- per month.


How Much Amount of Motorcar Advance?


The employees will get a sum of Rs. 10,00,000/- (One Million) as a Motor Car Advance if he has 35,000/- Basic Pay. The employees have to apply for the same. The employee gets the amount of MCA after a particular period of time. This duration may depend on the number of employees already applied for the same and the available amount. It may take even 2, 3 to 6, or 7 years.


2nd Motorcar Advance


The employee may apply for 2nd motorcar advance if he has already paid off the already sanctioned amount. In this regard, he has to get the clearance certificate from the Accounts Office.


The Finance Division Govt of Pakistan has already issued the Notification Revision Motor Car Advance and Motorcycle Advance in 2018.  The amount of motor cycle advance is one lac with a minimum of Rs. 7501/- or more basic pay.



Clarification Regarding Admissibility Motor Car Advance

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