Promotion Case Assistant / Senior Scale Stenographer (BPS-16) to Superintendent (BPS-17)

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Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Department issued a letter on 24-03-2023 in connection with DPC Assistant and Senior Scale Stenographer to Superintendent. The department has fixed the date for the Promotion of Case Assistant / Senior Scale Stenographer (BPS-16 ) to Superintendent (BPS-17). The details are as under:


DPC Promotion Case Assistant / Senior Scale Stenographer (BPS-16) to Superintendent (BPS-17)


Promotion is an important procedure for all the currently working employees in every department. For the year 2023 government of KPK announces promotion news. In this promotion, the employees who work in BPS 16 as Assistants and Senior Scale Stenographers will get a promotion to BPS 17. These workers are serving as Assistants in KPK government sectors. After promotion, they will work as superintendents.


Promotion from BPS-16 to BPS-17


DPC means’ Departmental Promotion Committee specified for considering the cases of promotion or confirmation of the Service. For the promotion case regarding officers working as Assistant Senior Stenographers getting a promotion to Superintendent.

The department formulated a committee for discussing cases related to this departmental promotion. Firstly the meeting is on 15 March 2023. The government is rescheduling this meeting again on 6th April 2023.


Rescheduling Case of Departmental Promotions


The DPC will meet at least once in a year, preferably before the start of the recruitment year to prepare a panel for the ensuing recruitment year. It has, therefore, been decided that the appointing authorities concerned should review comprehensively the case of Government servants, whose suitability for promotion to a higher grade. The Departmental Promotion Committee should make its assessment on the basis of the totality of the individual’s record of service without taking into account the pending disciplinary case/criminal prosecution against him.


The New date of the meeting is 06th April 2023


After the recommendations of the DPC candidates get promotions. Section officer Zahid Kamal requested to depute a good conversation Officer to attend the subject meeting on the given date. The time and the venue are mentioned in the notification. section officer ensures the new date of the departmental promotion committee meeting. The chairman will decide about the promotion of assistant and stenographer to Superintendent.


Benefits of Promotion


Promoting from within is a great way to satisfy the top of your employees’ hierarchy of needs, and self-actualization, by offering opportunities for self-improvement, career development, creativity, and professional opportunities inside your workplace. It is important for workplace satisfaction and to increase morale.


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Promotion Case Assistant / Senior Scale Stenographer (BPS-16) to Superintendent (BPS-17)

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