E-Registration of Private Colleges by HED Punjab

E-Registration of Private Colleges by HED Punjab has been initiated. The Higher Education Department of Punjab introduces the E-Registration of private colleges. The higher Department of Punjab allows all private colleges across Punjab to register through an online system not physically. The online portal will help private colleges to register with  Education Department through a simple online registration form. This also provides an online payment facility by which every private college will Submit fees Online.

E-Registration of Private Colleges by HED Punjab


For this purpose Director of Information Technology DPI is hosting an inauguration ceremony in which the Secretary Higher Education Department of Punjab is coming as a Chief guest and the director of Public Instruction colleges as the guest of honor at BISE Auditorium on Monday, April 10, 2023, at 10 a.m.



No More Manual Methods of College Registration


To all those private college owners who are tired of physical or domestic methods of college registration, the higher education Department of Punjab is introducing a new method of college registration. This system is an online registration system through which they can register their institutes with the education department.  After the affiliation with the universities, the colleges get more benefits also.  As parents trust registered institutions more than non-registered institutions. The higher Education department provides solutions for private colleges to get registered with ease and efficiency without any HED or tiring procedure. It is a revolutionary new way of the college registration system.


Online Affiliation of Colleges with HED


Online registration system also helps the colleges which are already affiliated with the university or HED. They can renew their previous license online now.

Online registration systems of private colleges will allow new institutions to get E- licenses.

The e-Registration system facilitates private colleges to renew their license also improves the feasibility and remove the hassle.

After online registration, all the private colleges will get access to the private college database. This will enable them to have individual and separate login accounts Within the registration process.


The Main Benefits of This Registration System


  1. All private colleges will get Effortless Registration.
  2. District education authority will approve the registration of each private college online.
  3. Online registration will help to submit fees through online methods.
  4. This online system will make the registration process so transparent.
  5. All private colleges will receive their license online. The competent authority will issue a license to a private college. After online verification.
  6. The competent authority will issue the license of the registered college through E-portal.
  7. Colleges can also renew their License.
  8. Each college owner will receive a separate individual Log in Account.
  9. Every college can track their registration application Online.
  10. Online Profile of each College.


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E-registration of Private Colleges by HED Punjab

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