Notification New Simplified Pension Processing Procedure 2023

Directorate of Public Instructions (SE) Punjab issued a Notification on 29-03-2023 in connection with Notification New Simplified Pension Processing Procedure 2023 and disbursement of pension through pension roll. This new and simple method of pension payment and pension documents (Papers) procedure will be very useful for pensioners. The details are as under:


New Simplified Pension Processing Procedure 2023


The Notification contents are reproduced as under:


“I direct to refer to the subject noted above. I also enclose herewith a copy of Govt. of Punjab, School Education Department letter No.SO(Pension)Misc/2023 dated Lahore the 14th March, 20023. In the same way a copy of letter No. U.O No. FD.SR-III-4-42/2023 dated Lahore 01-03-2023 from Section Officer (SR-III) Finance Department attached. The Govt. has intimated that at Present new simplified procedure of processing and disbursement of pension, The authorities are implementing/following throughout Punjab without distinction of any Division / District of Punjab.”



Notification New Simplified Pension Processing Procedure 2023 though Pension Roll


The undersigned requests that the concerned should note/follow forthwith and accordingly pension paper of officers may be submitted as per the new simplified procedure. (The Checklist of simplified procedures is attached herewith) no extraordinary documents should the offices should attach to pension cases and they should also do the page marking.


Simplified Pension Documents



The checklist of documents for pension cases is as under:


  1. Submit the All Pension Papers complete page marking with three set files
  2. The Photocopy set not allowed
  3. Attached Performa


Name of Pension Documents (Papers)
Retirement Notification by the Department
Service Statement
Copy of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)
No Enquiry Certificate (Education Department)
No Audit Para Certificate (Education Department)
No Demand Certificate (NDC) (Building Department)
Pay Slip (Salary Slip)
No Demand Certificate (NOC) (Education Department)
Copy of Matriculation (SSC)
Affidavit (undertaking)

Service Book



The above documents make the pension case simple. All Governments already tried to simplify the pension process. However, it always made some issues for pensioners. The pensioners mostly have to wait for 2 to 4 months to get their first pension. Let’s see how this new method makes pension delivery fast and easy.



Notification New Simplified Pension Processing Procedure 2023

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