E-Pay Punjab Traffic Violation Challan Payment Punjab

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Government of Punjab introduces the latest online E-Pay Punjab Traffic Violation Challan Payment. It is a very good tool in order to pay the traffic violation Challans online instead of manually. This service is available all across Punjab in 36 districts.


Online E-Pay Punjab Traffic Violation Challan Payment


E-Pay is an application available on the Google Play Store and Apply Play Store in order to make the payment of traffic violation Challan. Government introduces this application for the convenience of the Challan payer on the spot without handing over the documents to the traffic police officer.



In order to make a clear and smooth system for payments of traffic violation fines/fees Government of Pakistan introduces a digital system of paying fines for breaking traffic rules by the driver. The driver can pay their amount of fine by filling Challan form through this E-Pay application.


Benefits of Digital Payment of Traffic Violation Challan


There are numerous benefits and advantages to using this application in order to make traffic violation fine payments. This application helps in the following ways:


  1. There is no need for a manual process to pay Challan.
  2. There is no need to hand off documents to a traffic police officer.
  3. Make payments on the spot.
  4. No physical documentation.
  5. No theft in traffic violation fine.
  6. Reduce corruption of police officers.
  7. Convenient for Challan payer


Steps to Pay Traffic Violation Challan Online


Vehicle drivers can follow the following steps to make digital payments of their fines.


  1. Download the E-Pay online application from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.
  2. Register yourself in E-Pay Punjab Application via mobile number.
  3. Click on Police Department.
  4. Select Traffic Challan.
  5. Fill in the required information.
  6. Receive your PSID.
  7. Pay your payment via any convenient method of payment.


Payment Methods


The driver has many options to pay traffic violation Challan. He can use any one of the given methods of payment:


  1. E-banking
  2. Internet Banking
  3. TEGO Agents
  4. TCS


E-Traffic Challan Collection


The government of Punjab almost received Rs.10 billion as revenue from the collection of e-payments. The government of Punjab introduces this application in almost 36 districts. This application is working successfully. As payment Is paid by the driver on the spot and the government receives it at the same time.


Toll-Free Number of Finance Department


In case of any information, the driver of the vehicle can male call on the toll-free number of the Finance Department. The number is 042-99030100.

This number is also provided for the convenience of people.


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E-Pay Punjab Traffic Violation Challan Payment

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