Launching Revolutionary Step “Punjab Police Public App”

Government of Punjab took a revolutionary step in order to provide the best services to the public of Pakistan and launched Punjab Police Public App.  As Punjab Police of Pakistan is providing the safety of lives and it is the first priority of it. The government of the Punjab Police Department made a goal in order to provide online services to the public. Just to reduce the physically tiring documentation process.


Online Services Through Punjab Police Public App


With the introduction of this mobile application by the Punjab Police, the general public of Pakistan will receive the following services:


  1. E- Complaint Cell


Punjab police public application has a very convenient option of E-complaint.  The general public of Pakistan can make complaints online through this application with just one click. Like Complaints regarding theft etc.


  1. Female harassment cases


It is one of the best options for Harassment cases of females in different cities. All the related cases will be registered

Online. Punjab police also provide an option of a panic button in the mobile application.


  1. IG Police Complaint Cell


Punjab police public aid provides the facility of IG Punjab complaint cell which is 1787.  for more convenience for the public, they can use this option in order to make complaints.

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E-Search of Missing Children


Another one of the best options of this app is that It will be possible to search for missing and recovered children the app. The guilty person will be able to be immediately traced. This makes easy and urgent arrest of him. For giving them successfully to their parents Punjab Police App provides the “Mera Piyara APP”


E-Issuance of Character Certificates/Registration


This application makes it an easy way of receiving Character certificates, Ten­ancy, Register FIR, Employee registration, and other services.


E-Filing Complaints


The facil­ity for filing complaints or crime reports will also be available on the police app. All  inci­dents of hate speech and terror­ism can be uploaded directly.


Voluntarily Youth Internship Facility


One of the admiring facilities is a facility providing youth internships in police and related departments. This Facility will also be available for all voluntary people.


Easy Finding of Nearest Police Station


With the help of this mobile app, it will also be helpful to get the location of the nearest police station through it.


E-Driving License


All the trainees and the persons who want driving licenses under the Punjab Police of Pakistan.  They can register themselves on this mobile application and after the process, they can download their driving license.


Punjab Police Khidmat Makaraz


Punjab police have also provided the service of “Khidmat Markaz” on 14.


E-Checking of Criminal Records/Crime Advisory


Punjab police have also provided the service of checking the criminal record just by entering the CNIC number.


Method To Get The Online Services Of Punjab Police


 The government of the Pakistan Police Department launches this new application. It will be available on mobile phones and the general public can download it from the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store and they can avail of all the services provided by Punjab police. After downloading they can open the application and enter their CNIC number and gender.  They can” log in” with their mobile number or security Password.



Launching Revolutionary Step “Punjab Police Public App”

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