Just Before Budget 2023-24 News of Salary Increase for Employees

I am sharing here the latest Just Before Budget 2023-24 News of Salary Increase for Employees. These pay and allowances as well as pension increase news are taken from the various news channels. These are just news and these may or may not be 100% as per the budget speech 2023-24. These updates may or may not be different from the previous salary increase news Budget 2023-24 for the government employees.


The Latest Just Before Budget 2023-24 News of Salary Increase for Employees


The Information Minister Mrs  Marium Aurangzaib told that there is a piece of good news in the budget 2023-24 for the Government employees. It means that the Govt may grant some special for the Govt employees and pensioners.


Federal Cabinet Approval of Salary News  6 pm


As per GEO News Channel, the Federal Cabinet Approved the following:


The Salary from BPS-01 to BPS-16 = 35%

BPS-17 to BPS-22 = 30%

Pension 17.5%

Labour Raise = Rs. 2000/-  PM

Minimum Labour per month 32000/-


Pension Increase Budget 2023-24




Dunya News Channel



As per Dunya News Channel, there are chances for the enhancement of the salary of Government employees from 20% to 30%.


Salary News Dunya News Channel


Dawn News Channel


As per Dawn News Channel, there are expectations of upto30% raise in the salary of employees. BPS-01 to BPS-15 @ 30% and BPS-16 to BPS-22 @ 15% of the running basic pay.


Dawn News Channel Salary



These are still news/proposals that can or cannot be true. So keep waiting for the Budget Speech for the actual figures of pay and allowances as well as a pension increase.


Prime Minister of Pakistn Speech Before Budget Speech


Just a few minutes before the commencement of Budget Speech 2023, the Prime Minister of Pakistan urged that the salary of the employees so increased that they would fulfill their basic necessities. The speech shows that The Prime Minister of Pakistan wants to raise much salaries of the employees.


Prime Minister Salary Raise Speech

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