Notification of E-Transfer Posting Criteria Policy 2023 HED Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Higher Education Department issued a Notification on 03-07-2023 in connection with E-Transfer Posting policy Criteria 2023 HED Punjab. This criterion is for Public Sector Colleges in Punjab.



E-Transfer Posting Criteria Policy 2023 HED Punjab


The government of Punjab Higher Education Department approves Terms and conditions for the teachers of public sector colleges across Punjab. The letter Is about the terms and conditions of four E-transfer categories for teachers the public sector colleges.


Categories of E transfer


The Higher Education Department Government of Punjab is accepting applications for the following 4E transfer categories:


  1. Open Merit category
  2. Mutual Transfer
  3. Compassionate Grounds (Divorce/Widow/Disable)
  4. Wedlock E-Transfer


Marking Criteria for Applications


All the applicants of E-transfers will be posted according to their marking criteria of merit:


Sr.No Marking Criteria Merit Marks
1. Qualification

a.       Ph.D

b.      M.Phil

c.       Masters


a.       04-Marks

b.      03-Marks

c.       02-Marks

2. length of service in the higher education department 01 -Mark per year’s score will be calculated up to two decimal places.

partial merit marks will be calculated as 1 / 365 marks for each day of service

3. For each year served at a place other than the district of domicile based on the current place of posting 02-Marks per year score will be calculated up to two decimal places.

Partial Marks will be calculated at 2/ 365 marks for each day served in the district other than the domiciles

4. For each year served in hard area duly notified by etch Ed based on the current place of posting  01- Mark per year shall score will be calculated up to two decimal places and Partial marks will be calculated as each day served in the hard area
5. Divorce/Widow/Disability 03-Marks
6. Wedlock Policy 03-Marks


General Transfer Terms and Conditions


following are the general transfer terms and conditions for the E-Transfers according to the government policy:

  1. Teachers can submit applications against only one category at a time.
  2. Teachers will be able to apply for the E-transfers only on those posts where the designation grades and the post subjects are the same as that of teachers.
  3. Many subjects will be considered synonymous like teachers of either one of the subjects in a subject group shall be able to apply to any post of a particular subject in that subject group.
  4. A single teacher for a subject in an institution will not be able to transfer to any place.


Subjects to Be Treated as Synonymous


The following subjects will be considered synonymous:


Subject Group Subjects to be treated as synonymous
1. a.       Physical education

b.       Health and Physical Education

2. a.       Computer Science

b.       Information Technology

3. a.       Islamiat

b.      Islamic Studies

c.       Arabic

4. a.       English

b.      English Language

c.       English Literature

5. a.       Urdu

b.      Urdu Language

c.       Urdu Literature

6. a.       Journalism

b.      Mass Communication

7. a.       Political Science

b.      History

c.       Civics

d.      Pakistan Studies

8. a.       Botany

b.      Biology

c.       Zoology


Eligibility for E-Transfer Posting Policy Criteria 2023 HED Punjab Applications


  1. E-Transfers are open only for those teachers that are currently working in public colleges.
  2. Male teachers are also eligible to apply to male and Co-education colleges.
  3. Teachers cannot apply for transfers to posts in the universities.
  4. Female teachers are eligible to apply to mail and Co-education colleges.
  5. In case of more than one application received for a single post then preference will be given to the candidate securing the highest marks on the basis of merit.
  6. Tie Breakers will be followed for the many applications received for the single post as Preference will be given to the candidate having the maximum length of service in HED or the age seniority per date of birth.
  7. In the case of Co-education colleges, the preference will be given to the male candidates.
  8. Late applications will not be considered for any type of transfer category.
  9. No rule of Student-Teacher Ratio (STR) will be applicable for transfer in and transfer out of any teacher.
  10. All applications that do not meet the criteria of each transfer will be rejected automatically.
  11. Any application may be rejected if the document uploaded is not complete.
  12. Transfer orders of successful candidates will not be canceled without the provision of a valid reason.


Documents required for each category of E transfer


All applicants for any category of E-Transfer must provide the following documents for successful application verification.


Sr.No Category of E-Transfer Required Documents for Submission of Application

Open Merit


No Document is required

Mutual Transfer


No Document is required

Compassionate Grounds

Disability Category




Copy of disability certificate issued by the social welfare department.




Copy of spouse death certificate issued by NADRA



copy of the Divorce Certificate issued by NADRA




Copy of :

1.       Nikah Nama

2.       CNIC of Applicant

3.       Spouse’s CNIC

4.       Original departmental service proof at the current  place of posting of the spouse


Notification of E-Transfer Posting Criteria 2023 HED Punjab


E-Transfer Posting Criteria 2023 HED Punjab


College Teachers Transfer Posting Policy 2023

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