Notification of Special Allowance 2023 for Those Whose Salary Less Than 32000/- PM

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulations Wing) issued a Notification on 02-11-2023 in connection with Special Allowance 2023 for Federal Employees for Those Whose Salary is Less Than 32000/- Per month. The details are as under:

Special Allowance 2023 for Federal Employees Whose Salary Less Than 32000/- PM


The Finance Department under the Government of Pakistan approves the grant of Special Allowance to the Civil Employees of the Federal Government. The section officer directs to refer to the notification related to this subject matter. The President of Pakistan approves to enhance the Special Allowance to the civil employees of the federal government. The allowance is applicable with effect from 1st July 2023. Its applicability is based on further orders at the minimum wage or gross salary to all the civil employees of the federal government as well as civilians. These all employees are paid from Defense Estimate including contingent paid staff and contract employees employed. These are posted against civil posts in basic pay scales on standard items and conditions of contract employment. All those employees whose gross salaries are less than Rs. 32,000 are allowed the difference as Special Allowance.


Conditions for Amount of Special Allowance 2023


  1. It will be subject to income tax it is admissible during leave and the entire period of LPR except during the extraordinary leaves.
  2. It will not treat it as part of enrollment or for the purpose of calculation of pension gratuity and recovery of house rent.
  3. it will not be admissible to the employees during the tenure of their posting and deputation abroad.
  4. It is admissible to the employees on their repatriation from posting and reputation abroad. It is applicable at the rate and amount that would have been admissible to them when they were not posted abroad.
  5. The office of the chief commissioner directorate of Industries and Labour Welfare ICT Islamabad issues a notification. It is about the rate of minimum wage rate at Rs. 32,000 per month. The rate is according to the budget 2023-2024.
  6. The above Special Allowance increase in Minimum Wage shall be accommodated from within the budgetary allocation for the year 2023-2024. The respective Division, Ministries, Departments and no supplementary grant is applicable on this account.


The Finance Division issued this Notification and ICT has already issued the Notification minimum wage rates 2023 ICT for the Islamabad Capital Territory employees. The Federal Government has already announced the minimum wage rates in 2023 for Federal workers.


What is Gross Salary?


The gross salary is the salary that includes Basic Pay and all allowances. The deductions are not included in it. After minus all deductions from gross salary, it becomes net salary. As per the above notification, if the gross salary is less than 32000/- then the employee will get the difference in the salary only. The employee will not get on the basis of net salary.

Notification of Special Allowance 2023 for Those Whose Salary Less Than 32000

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