Apply Online for Motorbikes On Easy Installment for Two Years (

Now students can Apply Online for Motorbikes for on students Easy Installments of two years. The Government of Punjab has launched the process to Apply Online for Motorbikes On Easy Installments for Two Years (

Apply Online for Motorbikes for Students on Easy Installments of two years


It is a good step of the Government of the Punjab, that it has started the application process for petrol bikes and electric bikes for the students of the province. There are two types of bikes for students:

First Step of Provision of Motorbikes to Students in Punjab

E-Bikes 1000 No

Petrol Bikes 19,000 No

Total Bikes = 20,000 No

The government of Punjab will provide a subsidy of 1 billion rupees (1 Arab)

This includes the down payment on the motorbike and the marks-up amount

Government of the Punjab has launched this program with the cooperation of the Bank of Punjab.


Apply Online for Motorbikes for Students on Easy Installments

Last Date to Apply

The students can apply for e-bikes and petrol bikes online till 29th April 2024 (Monday).

Salient Features

  • A golden opportunity for more than 8 lac students of the province to get a motorbike of own.
  • The students of every district will get the opportunity as per the population
  • Petrol Bikes: for boy students 11676 and for female students 7324
  • e-bikes in the first step will be provided in five cities for graduate colleges and university students: Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, and Lahore
  • The male students will get 700 e-bikes and female students will get 300 e-bikes.
  • If the Government receives more applications than the allotted bikes then there will be balloting for the distribution of bikes to students.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The age limit for the students should be more than 18 years
  • Students of Government or Private Graduate Colleges or Universities
  • Students must have a Motorcycle Driving License / Learner Permit
  • Helpline: 042-111-333-267


The previous Government also planned a program of scooties for female employees on easy installments but due to some reasons, the program could not be completed.

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