Notification of Upgradation of Clerical Staff in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Finance Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued Notification No. FD/SO(FR)10-22/2014 dated 20th May 2014 in connection with the Upgradation of Clerical Staff in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with effect from immediate effect.  According to this Notification the following clerical posts have been upgraded:


S. No Category Existing Pay Scale Revised Pay Scale
1 Junior Clerk (JC) BPS-07 (5800-320-15400) BPS-11 (6600-460-20400)
2 Senior Clerk (SC) BPS-09 (6200-380-17600) BPS-14 (8000-610-26300)
3 Assistant BPS-14 (8000-610-26300) BPS-16 (10000-800-34000)
4 Superintendent BPS-16 (10000-800-34000) BPS-17 (16000-1200-40000)


The pay of the existing incumbents of the posts shall be fixed in the higher pay scales at a stage next above the pay in the lower scale. This Notification has bee delivered by Mr. Jamal Nasir. 

Download a clear copy from the link below There are two notifications:


Download Notification Upgradation of Clerical Satff KPK



  1. Muhammad Ibrar says:

    Salam Madam.
    What is the starting salary of Junior Clerk of BPS- 11 Govt: KP

  2. shahid hussain says:

    sir mery walid sb 10-12-2003 ko medical bord hoy hain medical k 5 din bad un ki death ho gy thee
    sir notification NO.SO(R-VI)E&AD/1-32015 sy pta chla k medical bord pr un k child ko qualification k mtabq job di jay kya sir es notification pr aml dr aamd shru ho gya hy?sir please reply.

  3. Ameer Muhammad says:

    Secretary village council ko q upgrade nahi kia???

  4. Hassan Shah says:

    Respected madam, I am working in higher education kpk if it is possible then upload the seniority list of clerical staff of higher education kpk
    with great regards

  5. shahid says:

    i am working jr accountant. general cadre upgrade .will chance up grade for accounts employee as general cadre

  6. hamid says:

    It is heard that the Prime Minister has approved the summary of upgradation of clerical posts. Is it correct.

  7. zulfiqar ali says:

    salam, sir muje a maloom karna hai keya upgradation say ap ka stage par koi farq parta hai ya nahi yani scale kay upgrade hone par stage zeyada ho ga ya kam

  8. Irfan khan says:

    i am working as a junior clerk in Federal Levy force in South waziristan agency Compound tank(newly appointed ) , does this upgradation apply on our post too. plz do guide me regarding this ....

  9. Riz says:

    Hello Maem,...i am working in Local Govt: Department Peshawar KPK , i was Personal Upgraded from J/Clerk to Assistant Establishment BPS-11 in 2012...unfortunately 2014 mae Assistants ki jo upgradations hoi on mae BPS-11 ky Assistants ko nazar andaz kia gaya....will you please tell us what is the best way to avail that opportunity according to your opinion..... plz e-mail me, i will be waiting.regards

  10. Arsalan Khan says:

    Kindly please tell me about the accountant BPS14 are the promoted to 16 in this or not.

  11. hamid raza says:

    I am working as assistant i WAPDA, As per decision of FST, I shall be granted BPS-16 or I have to file appeal for the same.

  12. Imran says:

    Respected Madam,

    Kindly tell us that Sindh Clerks up graduation summary finalize by Sindh Government or not. do you have any updates regarding this. i am waiting for your reply.

  13. Muhammad ASlam BHatti says:

    Respected Madam, I am working as Superintendent in the Customs, Lahore. One time higher scale in BPS 17 granted to all the Superintendents of Federal Ministries/Divisions/Attached departments/sub-ordinate offices by the Hon'able Prime Minister on 10-09-2014 duly clarified on 23-09-2014. But FBR is not yet extended this benifit to the Superintendents working in the Collectorates/Directorates/Regional Tax Office, what we should do in this regard.Do you take up this matter with FBR in our intrest. Thanks

  14. haji tariq mehmood says:

    how can post of accountant in BPS-16 to BPS-17 as per gov policy in local goverenment department in KPK

  15. Hamid says:

    P.As (Personal Assistants) are included in the upgradation or otherwise?

  16. Naushad Khan says:

    Dear Madam.
    KPK k jo Clerks upgrade huay hain un k Adhoc Relief 2010, 2011, 2012,aur 2013 kis hisab sy hongay.

  17. akhtar hussain says:

    Dear mam up gradation main kpk police ki clerks hain ya nahe ? Aur up gradation k waqt 83000 clerks kaha aur deka ta jabke get taqrer ma 16000 clerks kaha geya hain, confusion ye plz clerify.thanks

  18. akhtar hussain says:

    Dear mam up gradation main kpk police ki clerks hain ya nahe ?thanks

  19. zafar says:

    Madam,can we govt: of sindh employees file the case for upgradation on the basis of kpk notification?

  20. azeem says:

    Is govt of sindh consirdering the same upgradation fo its employees?

  21. najm says:

    Wether Govt of Sindh is considering the same for employees?

  22. arif says:

    Notificaion No.FD.S.O(PRC)1-2/77,DT:30-5-2014,Santion for premature increment ,ON UPGRADATION ,main joo employees ais main haqdar hain aur woo ab pension lay rahay hain unki clerification nahi hay kay aya woo pori BPS-16,KI aik increment pension main lain gaay yaa kuch part laykar aus kaa arear bhee wasool karain gay ais kay mutalaq Finance Deparment kpk regulation wing ki clerification relating this notification will be very necessary after that employees will be able to do someting for further proceeding .

    • Dilawar Abbas says:

      Reply to Arif (Post dated June 4, 2014 at 9.10 am)

      If your referred pensioners are retired before the effective date of up-gradation, they are entitled for fixation in higher scale & pre-mature increment as well like federal Govt employees.

      Dilawar Abbas,

  23. ainee says:

    i have been working in IPO-Pakistan , a semi govt body, would this upgradation be appilicable to IPO or not? it has IPS-1=16

  24. Raza ali shah says:

    Mai District council KPK sectry Bps 14 Ministrial staff Pr Duty kr raha hun ..kya Mai Upgradation Mai ata hun ya nae ..

  25. Mulazam says:


  26. Mulazam says:




  27. zainab says:

    auditors of B.P.S 14 are included in upgradation or not?in kpk

  28. Farhad says:

    Jungal ka qanoon hay g iss mulk mein. Kuch ko nawaz dia aur kuch ko mehngai ki chaki mein pisnay k liay chhor dia. Sultan Rahi k bhai nay barhak lagai thi Aalu 72 ghantay mein 30Rs. Tk laya jaey. Warna yun kr dein gay. Kuch b nai huwa. In MLN walon say umeed na rakho. laptop Univesity k students ko day rahay hein. ghareeb ka bucha tu roti ko tars rha hay. Oss k liay bunyadi taleem ka bundobast naheen. Univesty mein jo pohanchta hay woh ghareeb tu naheen. Govt walo socho.

  29. REHMAN says:

    Jitni bhi KPK Govt. ki Tareeeeef ki jay kamm hoge.......I think Punjab Govt. will also announce a good notification in near future.....

  30. Muhammad Humraz says:

    Faderal Govt. ko b sochna chaye k aik chota sooba ager up-gratation ker sakta ha to Faderal ko b ker deni chaye

  31. akhtar hussain says:

    Dear mam I sent my pay and allowances details to you through your mail I'd please tell me now the details of my new gross pay in bps -11 thanks

  32. Irfan Khan says:

    Salam, Mam what about the upgradation of union council secretaries don't you think they are deserving

  33. acif says:

    Good work by kpk government.

    Mian sab ap be employees pa raham kha

  34. akhtar hussain says:

    Aoa mam my basis pay is 7400 and I upgraded to bps 11 how much increase in my gross pay?

  35. Aurangzaib Turk says:

    Congratulations to all those upgraded and the struggling members. Well done KPK Govt:

  36. Gohar ali says:

    junior clerk ki salary mai majmoi tawer par kitna izafa huga is upgradation se

  37. Jamal Nasir says:

    This notification is not applicable to universities as they are all autonomous bodies and are financially independent. They have their own syndicates who usually adopt these notifications later on.

    My opinion

  38. sajid says:

    aoa madam
    punjab ki clerical postski up-gradation ki koe update hy,to plz share krin.?
    ya punjab mein phr KPK ka notification le k court jaen,to hoga....???

  39. Muhammad Hafeez says:

    A-o-A mam kia ya up-gradation 1st May 2014 or 1st Jul 2014 please confirm?

  40. nasir says:

    kpk universitys r in this or not g???

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