Notification of Premature Increment on Upgradation for KPK Employees

Government of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Finance Department has issued Notification No.FD.SO (PRC)/1-2/77 dated 30th May 2014 in connection with Premature Increment on Upgradation for KPK Employees.

According to this Notification after rule 9, the following new rule shall be inserted namely:

9A, A post of civil servants which is upgraded 28th January 2002 or a post to be upgraded after commencement of this rule, the incumbent of such post on commencement of this rule shall be allowed one premature increment on such up-gradation.

Provided that the pay of a civil servant whose post is upgraded from 28-01-2002 shall be fixed in accordance with the new increment and he shall not be entitled to any arrears in this behalf.

This post has been delivered by Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan & Mr. Roidar Ali.


premature increment Upgradation



Premature KPK Upgradation







  1. Qayyum Khan says:

    i need the notification No.fd/so(fr)7-11/2008vol-1,
    i will be very thank full to you for your this kindness
    thanks and regards
    Qayyum Khan

  2. Rehman Ali Khan says:

    Salam Madam:
    is there any notification regarding premature increment consisting of law/policy of differences of pay scales???
    every one say that if the difference between the two scales is greater than annual increment then no premature will be given. But we have not seen any rules yet explaining this, if true then plz provide the rule.
    Regards: Rehman Ali Khan, C.O DC Office Bannu.

  3. Ziad Khan says:

    Salam Madam,
    Mai kpk Govt office mai as computer operator job py ho. hamari up gradation 2010 mai BPS-10 se 12 mai hoi aur os waqt hum aik pre-mature increment ly chuky hai aur ab dobara hamari up gradation BPS-12 se BPS-16 mai hoie hai ab hum dobara premature increment ly sakty hai ya nahi.......

  4. Sultani Mulk says:

    Respected madam i am computer operator and recently upgraded from BPS 14 to BPS 16. Whether i will be entitled to premature increment or not. Thanks

  5. Jehan Alam says:

    kindly send me Notification No.FD(SOSR-1)2-4/2008 dated 04-04-2009 and FD (SOFR)7-2/2007 dated 28-07-2007 through Email (

  6. Adeel nawaz says:

    AOA/ mam
    plz list hai app k pass upgaradition ki kpk education deptt: ki
    No.FD(sosr-1) 2-123/2013 date peshawer. 7/2/2014
    No.fd(sosr-1) 2-123/2013 date peshawar 31-12-2013

  7. ISMAIL (Livestock Department) says:


    i need notification No.FD(SO SR-1)2-123/2014 dated 14th July 2014 regarding premature increment to the regular employees of the provincial government from BPS-01 to BPS-04 w.e.f. 1st July 2014.
    from government of KPK finance department.

  8. iftikhar says:

    madam. agar govt of kpk mulizimeen k move over rules ho tu please madam mujay email karay shukar guzar rahunga


  9. iftikhar says:

    Madam Good evening:
    please e mail me a copy of fresh rules about move over of KPK Govt servants and oblige.
    I wil be very thankfull as usual mam

  10. iftikhar says:

    mADAM AK JUNIOR CLERK ka B/Pay in B-5 on 17.6.1999 ko 2324/=pm the, 18.6.1999 ko wo MA pass kar k 2 adv Incts ka haqdar tehrtha ha. Deptt un ko 1 adv inct dayta aur 1 PP inct because at that time the celing of B-5 is 2390, S o his pay after 2 incts is( 2324+66=2390+66 PP) on 18.6.1999. Now the point is to be clear that what he will do on 1.12.1999? as he has already reached to the celieng of B-5 on 18.6.1999?

  11. iftikhar says:

    Madam a teacher in B-14 take Rs,8825/-pm on 1.7.2007 and a notification of upgradation to B-15 issued w.e.f 1.10.2007. Now the teacher opt fo annual incremnet on 1.12.2007(Rs. 9140/=pm)in B-14 and avail B-15 from 2.12,2007 instead of 1.10.2007. what will be his pay now in B-15 on 2.12.2007 along with pre mature. Humbly request please guide

    • Dear Iftikhar the pay fixation detail is as under:
      Pay on 30-11-2007 = 8825/- BPS-14
      Pay on 01-12-2007 = 9140/- BPS-14 Annual Increment
      Pay on 02-12-2007 = 9250/- BPS-15 (Next Above)
      Pay on 02-12-2007 = 9600/- BPS-15 with 1x premature increment.

  12. iftikhar says:

    Morning Madam

    a female taecher serving under Govt of KPK for last 5 years and then she get married in Lahor and there she get Domicle and NIc of Lahor and appeare in NTS for PST/PTC an aslo select for the post Now please guie what should she does? whether resign KPK Govt service or any other legal wayis better than resignation pl

  13. iftikhar says:

    Morning Mam:
    aik femal teacher PST post for 5 sal servic kar chuky hay under KPK Govt: Now she get married in Lahor and there she obtain Domicile and NIC etc and also select/appoint in NTS as PST(Primry teacher) pl guide us what she did now? Resign KPK service? or ......

    • Dear Iftikhar she should relieve from duty through proper way, get LPC, Relieving Report, Service Book, personal file etc and should join without any break of service.

  14. iftikhar says:

    madam ak teacher 1.7.2007 ko B-14 say 15 ko upgrade huwa magar by option wo 12/2007 ka annual increment B-14 may laykar pir B-15 ko upgrad hota hay tu kia ab wo recently notiofication kay mutabiq premature lay sakta hay jab k wo annual increment opt kar chuka hota hay. please guide,thanks

  15. Nazir Ullah says:

    Salam Madam,
    Madam, may 2006 k aakhir may as PST BS 07 appoint hua aur 4 mah baad 09 scale mil gia, isi tarah 2012 may SST BS 16 may promote hua tu mujay premature milayga?

  16. gul rehman says:

    dear madam.

    Kiya Computer Operator say bi koi bera gunegar hay Pakistan main. sub upgrade horay han laken computer operator naihn horahahay han

  17. asmat says:

    Sorry madam. After up gradation my basic pay was 9200. Now shall I get premature increment ?????

  18. asmat says:

    Salam. Madam I have been working in edu deptt as C.t
    teacher since 2009. After pay revison in 2011 my basic pay was 8000 and at the end of this year after getting annual increment my pay was 8600. In 2012 our post has been upgraded from B.PS 14 to 15. After that my basic pay was 9900. Now shall I get premature increment ?????????

    • Dear Asmat 8610 ko BPS-15 main fix karain to 9200 banti hay aour premature increment laga ker yeh 9900 ban rahi hay.

      • asmat says:

        Madam b.p.s 15 mein hum 2012 July mein upgrade hu we te July mein meri basic 8610 ti or b.p.s 15 ki initial 8500 ha is lehaz sheik stage mila k meti basic 9200 bani or end mein annual increment mila k 9900 bani ti is lehaz se muje pre mature incrmnt ni mila. Am I right?

  19. janab ali says:

    kaisa option me samjha nahi.
    Please Zara tafseel se batayain.
    From:Janab ali

  20. janab ali says:

    dear,meri appointment KPK main 29 june 2009 ko bps 7 me bahaiseyat PST hue. Chonkeh us waqt meri taleem sirf SSC Thi lehaza mujhe corrigendumn k zareye bps 5 deya gaya. FA karne k baad mujhay dubara 7 scale deya gaya aur phir 01.07.2012 ko bps 12 me upgrade kiya gaya.laiken december 2012 me mujhay increment nahi deya gaya.aap mujhay bataen keh december 2012 ko mera increment lainay ka haq banta hay ya nahi aur sath he sath premature increment ka bhe main ab haqdar hun keh nahi.

  21. zuk says:


  22. Sajid says:

    AoA, Madam, I was appointed as DM on 01-02-2012
    basic pay 6200 as on 01-02-2012 as BPS-9
    basic pay 8500 as on 01-07-2012 as BPS-15
    Can I get annual and premature increments in that year according to this notification?

  23. M Shahwar says:

    Dear Madam...I m elementary school educator bps09...recruited in 2012...when will i regular???? CM sahib nay ilaan b kiya tha..notification b kiya tha...

  24. zuk says:

    Salam Madam,
    mai aik PST teacher hoon..
    hum 2007 mai schale 7 sy 9 mai upgrade hoe,
    pir 1st july 2012 ko schale 12 mai dobara upgrade hoe
    kia hume 2 pre mature increment milen gy.

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