Notification of Deduction of One Day’s Salary for Donating to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for IDPs-2014

Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.NO.6(10) R-I/2009 dated 27th June 2014 in connection with Deduction of One Day’s Salary for Donating to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for IDPs-2014.

According to this Notification one day salary of the officials/officers working in the Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Aurthorities/Corporations/Companies/Financial Institutions/Commission etc working under the Federal Government may be deducted and donated/deposited towards Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for IDPs-2014.

This deduction will be made from the bills of June 2014. This decision will be applicable to the following officials./officers:

Armed Forces Officers/Officials/Civilian Officers/Officials paid from defence estimates if not already deducted.

Officers/Officials holding post on contract as well as on lump sum pay package including M-Scales and MP-Scales and Officers/Officials locally recruited in our Foreign Missions.

Further detail is available on the copy of the Notification.



One Day Salary




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  1. BATOOL says:

    What abt the "Foreign Donation for War on Terrorism" .... Do our Govt. have not enough money to combat the terrorism at their own resources.... Shame on Them... They must Sold their ASSETS and Do THIS HOLY JIHAD... They must be loyal to the country which make their STATES, ASSETS and BILLIONAIRE... What were they just a shit.. !

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