Notification of Seniority of Civil Servants Appointed in the same calendar Year

Government of the Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division has issued Notification No. S.R.O.572(I)/2009 dated 16th June 2009 in connection with Seniority of Civil Servants Appointed in the same calendar Year.

According to this Notification, in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 25 of the civil servants acts 1973 (LXXI of 1973), read with Notification No. S.R.O. 120(I)/98 dated 27-02-1998, the prime minister is pleased to direct that the following further amendment shall be made in Civil Servants (Seniority) Rules 1993, namely:

“6. Inter se Seniority of civil servants appointed in the same calendar year:- Civil Servants appointed by promotion, Transfer or Initial Appointment to a service, cadre or post shall take seniority from the date of their regular appointment to that service, cadre or post.

Provided that the provisions of this rule shall not in any manner effect or impair the rights of the existing incumbents.


Seniority Rules Amended



Note: Before the amendment of this rule the same was in the shape as mentioned below:

Old Orders Seniority



6. Inter se seniority of civil servants appointed in the same calendar year.–

Persons appointed by transfer in a particular calendar year shall, as a class, be Senior to those appointed by promotion or by initial appointment to such posts in that year, and persons promoted to higher posts in a particular calendar year shall, as a class, be senior to those appointed by initial appointment to such posts in that year.

According to the present amendment the employees’ seniority will be counted from the date of their regular appointment at a particular scale. In the same way the employee who were promoted in a particular calendar year were senior to those who were freshly appointed to that post even the promotion was held on 31st December and fresh appointment on 1st January in the same year.

It is a good decision by the Government for the fresh appointed in connection with their seniority. Special Thanks to Mr. Muhammad Arshad.


  1. Iftikhar Ali says:

    Asslamo alikum respected sir/madam I am appointed BPS 9 in health department in 2008 on contract basis and regularized in other colleagues are appointed in 2009 on contract basis and regularized in same date .my question is that in seniority list who is the senior?

  2. umair says:

    Dear Sir,
    My date of appointment is Feb 2012 in BPS-16.Whether a person promoted in BPS-16 on 31 Dec 2012 is senior to me?

  3. umair says:

    dear sir,
    i was appointed on 3 feb 2012 and my collegues who were promoted in bps-16 on 31 dec 2012 were promoted in 2016 considering there seniority. what shold i do?

  4. Manthar Ali Brohi says:

    sir we nine persons appointed in Federal Shariat Court Islamabad as stenographer BS-16 and on 01st April, 2017, date of birth is 1978, my other colleague who joined on 01st date whose date of birth is 1992 but now i heard from Admin branch they are preparing the seniority list on the basis of meritwise while the our department has issued separately appointment letters, as per merit list my name is coming at serial No.09, prior to this, i have more than 15 years experience as stenographer. Plz tell me what are the conditions of seniority of civil servants on the basis of meritwise or joining wise and i have also more than 15 years experience of the same post. As per i heard the seniority will be on joining basis. Plz tell or reply me who is senior and how seniority will be made.

    • Manthar Ali Brohi says:

      i wrote my complaint to your site but up to date no any reply has been received from your side.

  5. Zahid Mahmood says:

    salam sir/madam plz guide me that I AND ONE OF MY COLLEAGUE was working as lecturer
    in a private medical college, she was promoted on june 2015 to assistant professor and she gave joining on the same day and she commenced on leave for two years(will join at end of june 2017) next day but her leave sanctioned some days before promotion day . is her promotion and joining after leave sanctioning just to take her joining before departure is according to law.,,Also tell me that I was promoted to assistant professor on Aug 2016 and Iam working regularly . will I BE SENIOR TO HER OR SHE ,AS I HAVE REGULAR TEACHING EXPERIENCEOF ALMOST 10 MONTHS AND SHE JUST JOINED AND WENT ON LEAVE WITHOUT WORKING.

  6. Dami says:

    Does EOL without Pay effects one's inter-se-seniority and render junior among his batch mates?

  7. Kamran says:

    Dear friends
    mera problem seniority ka hai mera 3 collegues ko jo ke mujh se juniors hai un ko promotion de gaye 5 years ago us wakt humai mis guide kya ke seniority contract se count hoge but hum sb aik sath regular hue ab hum ne appeal kerdi hai apne department head ko or unho ne is per commette bana de ha jo muslasal delay tectics kerrahi hai any way mujhe rules ka pata kerna hai ke is ka kya decision hona chaya as per rules....
    kindly reply

  8. Atiqa says:

    I have a great suspense to know the following point, any one can explain in details?
    1. If a wrong payment had been made on TD / Salary or some else bill then who will be responsible for it i.e, Senior Auditor or AAO or AO,
    2. and what action will be taken on above situation ???

  9. abid says:

    Dear shumaila Kamal, mn ne wapda as a account assistant 15.05.2009 ko join Kiya aur isee date se regularize howa, after four year mn pepco transfer policy k tehat pesco joined Kia 2013 mn , magar waha mujhy seniority mn bottom mn rakha gaya from junior appointed in pesco in 2011. Kia iss letter se mujhy Kuch faida hoga?? Plz reply

    • Dami says:

      Seniority of individual fixed in bottom if he merges in other department and his seniority counts from date of induction in that department.
      Apex court has issued verdicts in this context.

  10. Muhammad Uzair says:

    Dear, Madam

    Mai ne 10th October ko joining di, joining ke bad mujhy Medical Form di gai, Medical Report mai ne 15th October ko jama ki, Mari Seniority kab say shumar ho gi, mari salary 10th October say bani hai

    I need help

  11. sarfraz jatoi says:

    mohtrma mn 2011 mn police mn bps5 mn bharti howa tha phr through proper channel n.o.c le kr j.clerck bps7 mn bhrti ho gya police se relieving kra li wahan meri aamd 6 june ko howi candidates 2 june se a gye thy...... kya mjhy police wali 4 sal ki seniorty mly gi? kindly is bary mn inform kijye ga qn k yahan mn 75 nechy chla gya tha

    • Dami says:

      No only FINANCIAL benefit if applicable due to difference in pay will be given, and seniority will be made according to merit / marks obtained by individual

  12. samiullah says:

    Dear Shumailakamal me wapda (TESCO) employee ne TESCO 19/09/2002 ko join kiya tha. mere sath ek dusre employee ne bi isi date 19/09/2002 ko join kiya tha. hamari appointment bi sath hoyi the ab Quota for promotion of WAPDA line staff k liye seniority banne ja rahi he seniority list me dusra employee muj se senior he q k us ki date of birth(1980) muj (1982) se zeyda he lekin opointment ke waqt marit list me, me us se top pe tha q k matric Aur Diploma me mere marks us se zeyada the.ab Notification No S.R.O 572 (1)/2009 dated 16/06/2009 k mutabiq me us se senior hon k nahi.please reply zaror karna

    • samiullah says:

      Dear shumailakamal me WAPDA (TESCO) employee hon me ne TESCO 19/09/2002 ko join kiya tha mere sath ek dusre employee ne bi usi date 19/09/2002 ko join kiya tha humari appointment bi ek sath hoi the ab Quota for promotion of WAPDA line staff k liye seniority banee he us list me wo dusra employee muj se senior he q k us ki age (1980) muj(1982) se zeyada he lekin appointment ke waqt marit list me , me us se top pe tha q k matric aur diploma me mere marks us se zeyada thy ab Notification No S.R.O 572(1)/2009 dated 16/06/2009 k muthabiq me us se senior hon k nahi

  13. Fida Hussain says:

    Dear sir, my Question is that which arised in the exam of RQE 2016
    The service of hundred Lecturers (BPS-17) Initially appointed on cotract basis, on different dates in education department are regularized in pursuance of an Act promulgated by Provincial Assembly. Discuss how their Inter-se-seniority will be determind?
    Sir plz mail me i am preparing for the said exam.

  14. Nisar Ahmed says:

    Dear Mam
    my request for the seniority.
    if a person appointed on transfer basis in a department on same cader I was surplus and joined as Assistant on 24.1.1994 and then department gives prmotion to UDC as Assistant in the same cader in october 20.10.1994 please tell me who is seniors among us. i need urgent clarification if you don't mind it. Nisar Ahmed

    • Galaxy World says:

      Dear Nisar Ahmed, sorry not confirm.

    • Dami says:

      Nisar Saab you will be senior because you are appointed on transfer being surplus and appointed w.e.f. 24-1-1994 whereas other UDC appointed on promotion w.e.f. 20-10-1994

      I am very sure about it and have many verdicts in support

  15. Salim Khan says:

    Dear Shumaila: I have been appointed as professor (BPS-21) in 2010 through Selection Board in a university-A and posted at one of the campus. In 2012 the campus was upgraded to independent university-B. My services were transferred in the same scale to university-B. In 2015 i applied through proper channel again to university-A and was reappointed in the same scale (Professor -BPS-21) with all annual increments protected. I have no break in my service and working in BPS-21 as professor since 2010 till date. I want to know whether my seniority would be counted from 2010 or 2015 in BPS-21 at university-A. As per statutes "Seniority in a scale of pay will be determined from the date of initial appointment in that scale. I cannot find any clear rule please help me. Thanks

  16. yasir says:

    Dear *dmin, please guide me in accordance to our revised promotion/ recruitment basis and above notification, our deptt has four posts of Additional Directors, existing basis was 100% promotion. In 2014, basis of promotion has been revised as 80:20 (promotion: recruitment). At that time, 3 persons was existed thru promotion.

    We have only 4 positions. Please confirm, how we can distribute the recruited portion. Further, policy will be applied retrospectively or prospectively. I meant, from 2014 onward, they will consider new 80% or not?

  17. Nasir Abbas says:

    Dear Madam Shumaila I have been appointed alongwith 3 other person against a same post of BPS 14 they all have joined on 21st of Dec 2012 and I have joined on 26th of Dec, 2012. I am placed second in the merit but placed last according to joining. But I have not found any rule supporting the seniority on the basis of joining but on the basis of date of appointment. We all are appointed on a same date. That is on 26th of Dec. Before this we have recieved offer letters on 19th of Dec. Please guide me what will be favorable for me as I have to submit my observations against this provisional seniority list. I have also been working for one year against a regular post of BPS 07

  18. mehmood says:

    dear respectable, i am working as stenographer BPS-14 in Directorate of Population Welfare Department, we are three stenographers, appointed on same day(as our date of arrival is the same) in 2001 by departmental selection committee, according to date of birth i am senior but on merit of DSC the marks of one of my friend is more than i obtained, as my entry into to Government service is 24-01-195 as LDC and offer of appointment to the post of stenographer is in 2001. so after so long time now he submit a representation and object that he is senior than me, kindly guide me by providing written proof. i shall be highly obliged please.

  19. Muhammad Rizwan Ashraf says:

    Joined Police 05-05-2005
    Joined Education -21-04-2015

  20. Muhammad Rizwan Ashraf says:

    Dear Sir
    I was previously a constable BPS 05 in punjab police as a permanent employee. I joined police department on 5-5-2006.
    Then i was appointed as ESE at BPS 09 in education on contract basis on 21-04-2066. I came in the education department through proper channel LPC, Service book NOC etc.
    My pay was protected an i have taken its benefit.
    Now i am teaching in education.
    As you know the recent issues regarding for the education department.
    Should i considered to be a regular employee or a contract employee.
    If education departent ends the services of all the teachers in punjab
    What benefits i can get from goverment
    and i which part i will be in as in daily khabrain 5-5-2016 it was mentioned

    They the schools will be given to peef in 2018
    Teachers will be given golden handshake(permanent staff)
    Teachers having More than 50 years will given 150 salaries(permanent Staff)
    Teachers having less than 50 will be given 100 salaries(Permanent Staff)
    Teachers having 5 years will be given 200 salaries
    Teacher which are on contract will not be given any king of benifit

    Which one is my category
    As i mentioned i have about 9 years services of Punjab Police(Permanent Staff)
    Then i joined education through proper channel and get pay protected but it is on contract basis.

    Please if you can guide me through any kind of written rule of government
    I will be thankful

  21. saima says:

    kia 19-10-2009 main regular hony walaa teachers seniorty list main 15-10-2009 main parmote hony walaa teachers say pahly aain gy ya bad main kia ya order 2010 main apply ho ga ya 2009 main

  22. altaf says:

    dear, hum 5 assistant registrar federal department main 01-01-2013 se regular hoe hn,hamari regularization notification 2014 main issue hoa,Notification depatment selection committe n joint issue notification mn marit assigne ne tha but mari education dusro se higher mention ha.Hamari joining 2014 mn pichli dates se li gai. How we determine our inter se seniority?

  23. anwaar shah says:

    respected madam main 2006 junior clerk contract basis par punjab govt main barti huva tha mary kuch dost 2005 or kuch dost 2008 main bharti huvay hain, or ham sab 14-10-2009 ko regular huvay hain. plz batiay k hamary seniority date of birth say banay ge ya date of contract joining say bany ge . thanks

  24. zahir hussain says:

    dear sir/mam
    is decision say related koi court case file hua ho jo ap k knowledge main ho tu kindly share karain

  25. Farrukh Ahmad says:

    Respected. .....! Ager merit main 2 or 3 candidates k No same hon to us k bd Un kind seniority list that's final ho gi?

  26. qudoos says:

    I am working in governmnetn of sindh as social welfare officer bps 17 since 1293. due non structcture and promotion chance some of our batch mate done their deputation to zakat department in government of sindh . they remain their up to 15 years and got promotion in bps 18, whiule we remain in SWD in bps 17. now our same batchmates are returning from zakat department on orders of supreem court , what position they will take in out senority list / at botom ? or they will be retren in bps 18 . while we are still in 17

  27. shahid says:

    Dear Madam, Seven members in a group appointed as junior accounts assistant in BS-11 on 24.02.2010, five members joined duty on same date or two members on 25 or 26 -02.2010. All members appointed qualification/degree marks and 20 numbers written test or 20 nos interview,through selection committee under contract policy 2004 ,no NTS or no PPSC. Our group have been regularized on 30.05.2015 . please remarks our seniority list on merit or date of birth or date of joining .i wait for your reply..3 members in group appointed 2007 and regularized 14.10.2009 under contract policy 2004 , The final seniority list have already issued date of birth by the department. but our seniority list final on merit, I submit objection of tentative list to admn directorate. Please reply under the rules

  28. Farooq says:

    Respected Madam, in nov 14 i have been appointed as assistant bps 14 through a competition process and , we 09 persons joined on same date, the hr department issued a seniority list in which i was placed on serial number 9, but age wise i am senior all of my colleagues, the hr department has view that the seniority list issued according to merit list. my question, is this establish seniority rule to make list on the basis of merit? thanks

  29. Javed says:

    Respected Shumaila Kamal
    this is regarding notification of amendment in rule 6 of Seniority Rules. Was there any court ruling forcing this rule to amend? if any, can you please provide the reference of judgment?
    i was appointed on initial appointment in feb 2014 while some employees were promoted in oct 2014. the seniority list issued shows them senior to me as the department rules have same old rules 6. will the department rules override estacode? please guide

  30. Mukhtiar says:

    Documents are submitted for seniority rank through email but still no response, please reply in regards to my rank

  31. Mukhtiar Ahmed says:

    Dear Shumaila Kamal I want to clarification in regards to my seniority. I was promoted in appeal case in year 2012 while 17 Junior School Teachers were promoted in BPS-16 as HST vide order dated: 31.05.2011. Such promotions were on the basis of date of announcement of B.Ed result and I was required to be placed at serial No. 03 of promotion order dated: 31.05.2011 but my name was not in promotion list and I filed appeal and promoted in 2012. Then I filed application under rule 13 of seniority rules (Sindh Government) and I was allowed seniority w.e.f 31.05.2011 instead of 22.05.2012. Now seniority of HSTs (BPS-16) issued by authority but my name is below in the seniority of HSTs from those to whom I challenged in appeal. I think as per same batch my named be provided after serial number 2nd of those 17 promotees to whom I challeged and I became successful in appeal and I am not required to place bottom of those which were promoted first. please clarify my position. thanks

  32. Aabid says:

    I have joined Election Commission as a Senior Assistant (BPS 15) through Proper Channel from Sindh Assembly where I was serving as a Machine Operator (BS 04).

    My friend who was serving in ECP as a Sub-Assistant (BPS-08) has also joined as a Senior Assistant.

    Both were appointed on the basis of Recruitment Test and Interview. On merit list, I am at the top while he is at number 11.

    But now he claims to be Senior to me because he has more length of Service. He entered into Govt Service in 2004 while I could get in in 2007.

    Can u please guide in this regard??

    My understanding of the case is k we both are Fresh Appointees (though will get benefits of our previous length of service.... pension benefits etc)...

    But as far as Seniority is concerned, I should be given Seniority because I am at the top in the Recruitment process..

  33. muhammad khurram shahzad says:

    dears, Aslam o Alikum main BPS-07 as a junior clerk meri posting 28 sep 2006 ko contract per hoi thi mery bas kuch dosry doston ki posting 29 jun 2007 ko contract per hoi thi or phir government ne 2009 main hamin regular ker dia tha or hum sab ki date of joining same e ha sir guzarish ha k ab humari sonority list ban rehe ha or main jo k pely se appoint ho lakin mery office man sonority age per bena rehy han k age man jo bhara hoga wo senior ho ga sir meri qualification be sub se ziada ha or baki sub ki F.A ya metric ha or mujy ak sal pehly appoint hony ka ak personal allowance b mil reha ha man puchana yah chahta ho k kia sonority sirf age per e banti ha ya us man qualification be count ho ge ager easa koi notification ha to plz mujy send ker dian sukeria

  34. Ahmad says:

    Dear Madame;
    I was appointed in BPS-11 as a computer operator in the year 2009 (Punjab Govt.). Now due to operational duties i joined an other Federal Department through proper channel by obtaining NOC. Now i start my duties in BPS-07 as LDC. I want to ask whether i will get any kind of benefit from my previous service?? As i have served as a regular employee more than 5 years. This job also permanent.

  35. mehran khan says:

    dear, mr.vicky,thanx and God bless you,

  36. mehran khan says:

    plz ap notifacation ko prhain tu sahi likha hoa hay k jo BPS 9 scale me appoint hoain hain un ko milyga.maher bani kar ki notification ko prhain aur detail se batain..ap ki bare maherbani ho gye.

  37. Zaigham Butt says:

    Mohtarma! kis is rule ka matlab ye he k same year me jo direct bharti hue the wo promotee se senio nai ho ge ???

  38. mehran khan says:

    i am primary school teacher at hyd city

  39. mehran khan says:

    dear,Shumaila Kamal finance department issued notifacation FD(SI-1)1(52)2010.on date:21/july/2014.for higer grade on the basis of time scale to the teaching staff school side, date of appointment is 20-09-1988 in BPS-7,and now i am in scale BPS15,on date 20-09-2013.plz tell me what i am able for get BPS16.plz review notifacation for more details.

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