Appointment of Employees of Different Projects on Regular Basis after Conversion of Project from Development to Non-Development Side

Government of the Punjab, Services & General Administration Department (Regulations/O& M Wing) has issued Notification No. SO(ERB)5-3/2014/Contract(Project)  dated 23rd July 2014 in connection with Regularization of Development Side Employees.

Chief Minister has been pleased to approve the following guidelines for filling up the posts after their conversion from development to non-development side:

All Departments or Organizations after conversion of project from development to non-development side and creation of posts through SNE shall frame service rules for the respective posts immediately.

Recruitment process shall be initiated as per provisions of recruitment policy and be completed within three month positively after observing codal or procedural formalities.

The project staff may be allowed, as per standing instructions and provision of service rules, to continue for a maximum period of six months during which whole process of recruitment shall be completed.

While making recruitment, the project employees may be allowed relaxation in upper age for the period they have served in the project.

For experience in the relevant field including the experience of project, two marks per year upto the maximum 10 marks shall be granted to employees to recruitment in BPS-01 to BPS-15.

Recruitment of posts in BPS-16 and above shall be made through Punjab Public Service Commission.

The mode of appointment i.e regular or contract, against the project posts after their conversion from development to non-development side, may be decided by the concerned department or organization.

If the posts are necessarily required to be filled on regular basis, case shall be placed before the Contract Appointment Regulations Committee (CARC) with full justification.

Special Thanks to Mr. Shafiq Ahmad for sending the copy of these orders/instructions.


Regular Appointment Project



Regular Appointment Punjab





  1. zohaib says:

    Dear Madam Shumaila,
    My name is zohaib Ibrahim from karachi, i am working in PSQCA under ministry of science & technology since 4 years, we had been hired in oct 2012,20 technical (PHDs,BE,ME,MSC,BSC) and non technical staff around 15 in a project.
    in the PC1 of our project its clearly mentioned that after the completion of the project,the staff will be absorbed from development to non development dpt.
    we are in state of confusion that its been already four years, and the mngmnt is taking a work load of regular staff from us, we have good performance of establishment of laboratories and sections.
    do this notification will work in our favour? or guide us if we should move towards court to file a partition on this injustice.

  2. ALI says:

    Dears i am in very complex situation now. Our project ended on 30th June 2015, and over incharge said it will be regularized in 2, 3 months. But 8th month gone we are not getting paid and dont know situation. If we asked all said PC-IV is in process and file is with planning commission. I dont know i am getting sick of all this, weather we all will be regularized if our project converted from Development to NON Development or not? Or again test and interviews will be held. When we came in this department our test will be conducted by NTS. Please some one help me in this regard, I will be really thankful. i am working in SPS07 in this project. And project is of NARC Islamabad

  3. aoun says:

    Dear Shumaila. How this notification is helpful to guzzitted project employee(bps-17) when it is clearlly mentiond in this notification that Guzited Employee of projects can only be regularized through ppsc. We have served HED more than 6 years than how can we get justice through this notification please reply.

  4. amin says:

    dear shumaila pls guide that all subject specialist teachers of science are getting their science/subject allowance but IT Teachers of Punjab are not getting their IT Allowance. We have asked many times for IT allowance but still not able to get it.

  5. Ahmad says:

    Dear shumaila will you guide us that after conversion of a project from development to non development what will be the status of project employees because according to our department which we have listen from different sources, new advertisement will be advertised and new test/interviews will be conducted from overall punjab and we will have to apply as a new candidate along with other fresh candidates. We have done jobs from more than 5 years as Network/Database administrator in Higher Education Department and still working.Please reply

  6. Irfan Ali says:

    Dear Miss Shumaila,
    AOA. I Read the comment of Ahsan Raza. I was also in the department of Ahsan Raza. I was BPS-17 officer and living in Multan. If you have any other information about our matter please share. In our office, staffs of BPS 1 to 16 were also worked. They are also in court. Please also share information about their matter. I shall be very thankful for your kind reply.



  7. Aqeel Khan says:

    Respected Sir

    we are working in higher education department punjab on contract basis in capacity building project. are we eligible for regularization under these order.

  8. Nasir Ch says:

    we are working in PMIU(Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit) Punjab Education Sector Reforms programme since 2004, do we get benefit of said notification.

  9. M.Aslam says:

    Respected Madam / Sir

    We are in Project phase. Me in BPS-16 now. Our project has extend to Dec-2015.
    When will we regular.

  10. Zeeshan Aslam says:

    we in authority right now on contract is the notification also implement on us

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