Detail of Extra Ordinary Leave (Leave Without Pay)

I am sharing here the detail of Extra Ordinary Leave (Leave Without Pay) for the information of the employees. There are major two leaves without pay. One for 2 years maximum and other is for maximum 5 years. Summary is as under:

Ground on Which Extra Ordinary Leave May be Granted:

This leave may be granted on any ground.

Maximum Period of Leave Without Pay

Maximum Period of Leave Without Pay is five years at one time but the employee must have continuous service of minimum 10 years and if he has less than 10 years service but more than 5 years service he/she may be granted 2 years EOL.

EOL to Permanent Employee or Temporary Employee

EOL (Leave Without Pay) may be granted to a regular as well as temporary employee. Further details is available at the copy of the ESTA CODE page attached below.

Extracted from: ESTA CODE

I have already discussed about the Paternity Leave that is only granted to the Punjab Government Employees for a period of only once for one week in the whole service.


Leave Without Pay



  1. yasir arfat says:

    The contract employees can give leave with out pay any notification plz tell me.....

  2. Faraz ahmad says:

    What effect it would have on seniority and promotion of an employee if he avails EOL of a few months during regular service.. How much extraordinary leave is permissible without affecting seniority?

  3. Fawad says:

    If he has more than 5 years service but less then 10 year then he may be granted EOL for 2 year? Are you sure about this? because there is no such provision in revised leave rules.

  4. Muhammad Shahid says:

    I have availed four years study leave for my PhD which is near to end. My PhD is still in progress and I am need of more 4-6 months leave.
    What legal options I have in hand? kindly reply here or through my email

  5. abid says:

    Is house requisition paid to an employee while he is on extra ordinary pay without leave?

  6. nazar hussain says:

    He is very nice site

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