Pay Committee Urged Govt for Fresh Pay Scales

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According to the daily The News dated 27th October 2012, the pay committee led by Mr. Ishrat Hussain has asked the Govt to introduce fresh pay scales for the Govt Employees so that the discrimination found among the employees be removed. He said” “We have conditioned the finalizing of the committee’s recommendations on the removal of existing distortions because just lip service will not serve the purpose,” said Husain. “The creation of fresh pay scales is necessary to attracting talented people into public service as with the existing pay structure of BS-17, no one will come into the public sector.”

Dr. Ishart Hussain said that the committee meeting will again held after Eid and will consider the recommendation by the provincials in connection with Unified Pay Scales.  He also said ““Civil service reforms cannot be achieved without putting in place a merit-based policy and a result-based incentive structure”.

Housing monetizing and Car monetizing are also included in the discussion of this committee. Hope all this will be done soon for the benefits of employees.



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13 thoughts on “Pay Committee Urged Govt for Fresh Pay Scales

  1. I think this is a great thing to do, to actually unify and re-structure the pay scales for government workers. But I think the discrimination cannot be totally eradicated, some government sectors will always be prioritized among the others. Thanks for the article!

  2. I do not think government will announce unified pay scale. Judicial officers are getting four basic pays whereas police armed forces are getting two basic pays.Govt. can not reduce their pays therefore do not think about unified pay scales.You can just dream of it.Rashad Munawar


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