Orders of LHC Lahore Regarding Suspension Transfer Orders of DTEs

The Lahore High Court Lahore issued orders regarding Suspension Transfer Orders of DTEs on 5th December 2013. Detail is as under:

It is a connected matter with W.P No. 29387/2012 pending adjudication before court for 17-12-2003. Propriety demands that this petition may also heard along with the aforementioned writ petition.

2-         Issue notice to the respondents for 17-12-2013 to file report and para wise comments on or before the next date of hearing.

C.M No. 1 of 2013

Dispensation sought for is allowed subject to all just and legal exceptions. C.M stands disposed of.

C.M No. 2 of 2013

Subject to notice for the above said date, in the meanwhile, operation for the impugned order dated 29-11-2013 is suspended until the next date of hearing. However it is clarified that interim relief shall not continue, if the same is not expressly extended at the next date of hearing. Copy DASTI.

A post delivered by Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Sajid.

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Suspension Orders DTE



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