How to Find the Restoration Date of Commuted Portion of Pension?

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Many pensioners as well as the serving persons emailed me about the method of finding the Restoration Date of Commuted Portion of Pension. At my request, Mr. Amir Agha again sends the full detail of the same about which I was also not aware. The detail is as under:


Find the Restoration Date of Commuted Portion of Pension


Restoration of the commuted pension depends upon the age at the time of retirement.  If the age on retirement was 60 years, then commuted part is restored after 15 years but for the employees who retired prior to 01-12-2001. For the employees who retired at the age of 60 years after 01-12-2001 the restoration of commuted portion of pension 12 years.
For those employees who retire at a younger age than 60, the restoration period increases.  Restoration period is given are given as under against each age from 51 to 59.  This table applies to pensioners retiring before 1.12.2001.


Age Next Birthday Number of Years Purchased


Full Commutation Table 1986


Commutation Table 1986 is as under:

Commutation Table 1986

Full Commutation Table wef 01-12-2001


Full Commutation Table wef 01-12-2001 to onwards is as under

Commutation Table for the employees retired after 01-12-2001 is different from that table which issued on 01-07-1986. According to this table, the employees retired at the age of 60 years will get their commuted portion restored after 12 years i.e at the age of 72 years.


Commutation Table 2001


Let us say that the pensioner receives 12.3719 years pension in advance by surrendering the commuted pension.  On the expiry of 12 (rounded off) years, that advance is adjusted, and the commuted part is restored. Since the advance amount involves financial benefit as an interest-free lump sum, hence the more years purchase is more beneficial to the pensioner.

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122 thoughts on “How to Find the Restoration Date of Commuted Portion of Pension?

  1. Mere father 18/12/1992 me army se retire hue hain 50 percent commuted value 449 thi please calculate ker k btayen k pension restoration kab ho go DoB(1/12/1957)

  2. Sir,
    My name is haleema bibi my spouse was in Education department, in 1996 dies during service hours at age 35, now my pension has been blocked from February 2018. In 2012 my pension was doubled now they are saying there is no rule for this and my pension reduce. Kindly guide me if there is any rule.

  3. Hello, My Father Retired From Pakistan Army. I just want to knkw how much pension will be restored or doubled (In Numbers) at the age of 72? Any Formula or what?
    Details were as per under;
    DOB:09 March, 1948
    DOR: 10 January, 1998
    Retirement Age: 50
    Commuted Pension Restore Date:10 October, 2020

    Thanks & Regards
    Waqas Ahmed

  4. Muhammad Abdul Bari · Edit

    Dear Madam
    My DOB is 18.03.1948.
    Retired at 60 years age on 18.03.2005 from PTCL.
    My commuted pension is 5993.00
    From which date I am entitled for restoration of commuted pension and how it will be calculated?
    M. A. Bari

  5. My Father retired at the age of 60 Years as on 30.09.1999 as medical assistant from district council in grade 17.

    Pension start date is 01.10.1999

    Guide about double pension

  6. Madam Shaumaila
    In 2001 when my scale was block. I did six months post graduate diploma in computer science. Pakistan attomic energy commission use to award one advance increament. I was refused to grant that increment on the plea that my scale was at the last stage. That mean I have already at the end of my pay scale. Madam please guide me can I get this increment. I was retired on 04-12-2010

  7. Venerable Sir,

    My father was an Assistant Agricultural Engineer (BPS-18), Govt.of Punjab.
    His date of birth was 01-08-1940. He died during service on 26-09-1988.
    After his death my mother received commutation amount= Rs. 213,394/-
    Pension amount started as Family Pension = Rs. 1498.77
    My mother received total pension for the month of Feb, 2019 = Rs. 40500/-

    Please calculate and guide me, is it complete pension?

    I shall be grateful for your time.

    Israr Hussain
    Pak-Arab Refinery (PARCO)

  8. My date of appointment is 22.9.1971. My date of birth 25.6.1948. I got retirement on 30 9.2000. When commuted portion of pension will be restored

  9. Asslam o Alaikum. I retired from Pakistan Government service at the age of 56, having joined service on 27/12/1966 and retired on 31/8/2004. Would be grateful if you could kindly inform me as to when my commuted portion of pension would be restored? Thank you.

  10. syed faisal hussain shah · Edit

    My father was retired from service on taking of Golden shakehand on 31-03-1998. On his retirement date, he was 53 years old. When will he get restoration of his commuted pesnion?

  11. Respected sir A.o.a can u plz tell me the restoration date of my father’s pension. My father date of birth is 13-04-1948 and date of retirement is 31-12-2001.

  12. AoA sir,
    My father was in health department and he was retired from service on 13 Aug 2006 and his DOB is 13 Aug 1946.
    Let me know the full details of restoration date of commuted portion of pension

  13. Dear sir my father retired from Pakistan airforce in September 2002. His date of birth is 1953. Plzzzz guide me that when can he restore his pension .I will be really great full.waiting for ur reply

  14. A.A
    My father date of birth is 00/00/1946.He retired from Army oon 1986 at the age of 40. Please tell his commute pention date.I shall be thankful .

  15. Muhammad Ishaque Bhatti · Edit

    Date of Birth 1.01.1944
    obtained retirement on 14.01.2001
    when restoration will be admissible
    whether medical allowance will also be admissible on full pension?

  16. M. Aleem Nasir Mughal · Edit

    My name is Mohammad Aleem Nasir Mughal. My date of birth is 14-11-1963. My date of joining is 13-03-1988 and my date of retirement is 31-10-2007. My question is that, when will my pension restor?

  17. A.A. Madam.
    My father was retired from university regular service on 20.11.2005 on attaining the age of supersnnuation i.e. 60 years.
    Now on 20.11.2017, he will celebrate his 72th birthday. Kindly clerify whether he is eligible for restoration of 50% commuted portion of pension after completing the 12 years of retirement. Someone told me that after completing the age of 72 years and 4 months; his pension will be restored. Please clerify it that the requirement is 72 years only or extra 4 months are also compulsory.

  18. Asalam-O-Alaikum
    My father date of birth August, 1948
    Date of Early Retirement July, 2004 (Early retirement 55 years)
    Date of death July, 2007
    Date of Retirement July, 2008
    My mother claim pension.
    Please share me restoration of pension when allowed?

  19. I retired at the age of 60 on 6.4.2001 and allowed a commuted amount of Rs.525856and a monthly pension of Rs.4251.0 by wapda.after completion of 15 mandatory years, and restoration of commuted part,on the pension fixed on 5.4.2016 is of Rs.29344.o whereas they have been paying me Rs28119.0 .when approached for paying the difference within fixed and actually paid, they are reluctant to pay.However after restoration the commuted portion, wapda is allowing me a pension of Rs.49906.68 with effect from 6.4.2016.kindly advice for the difference of pension about 29344 and that of Rs.28119.during 2015-2016

  20. My father was retire on 12-08-1996 and his date of birth was 01-07-1946 and my father was died on 02-06-2015. now how and when my mother is eligible for commutation

  21. Dear madam shumaila Kamal,
    Aoa.I appreciate ur efforts being imparted for the benefits and guidance of the serving and retired govt employees. Madam,my date of birth is 03-08-1951,date of enrollment 22-05-1976 date of retirement 31-12-2004(premature retirement at the age of 52 years and 5 months). Plz let me know the date of my restoration of commuted value of pension.Since, I am not a regular reader of this page, therefore, email me ur reply to my ID “[email protected]”. I will be anxiously waiting for your valuable reply.Thanks and regards.

  22. Plz confirm if my father pension approved for restored against 72 years old,
    Date of Birth : 29-09-1942
    Date of Entry into Govt : 02-07-1983
    Service Rendered : 19 Year , 2 Month & 26 Days.
    Date of Retirement : 29-09-2002
    Pakistan Navy C.N.A.

    And when we get double pension .???

  23. Allah Rakha Saghir · Edit

    Respected Madam,
    Assalamo alaikum, kindly let me know about the meaning of ‘number of years purchased’. I retired on 31.12.2002 in B-20, but my deptt did not restore my pension automatically. So two years just wasted. they say u did not apply for restoration. How could I know about Supreme Court decision? If my pension is to be restored wef 1.1.2014, how to calculate the increase in Pension. What is the meaning of number of years purchased? Kindly guide me.

    1. Aslam Alaikum im new here and very impressed to see your hard work…

      Mjhe ek question pochna tha mere father ne after retirement commutation 35% surrender ki tha ab wo 72 years unke poore honge may main now mjhe kindly guide kren k 35% to release hoga pension ka but ooper jo paisai lump sum amount banenge wo main kaisai calculate kron ya unki jo restoration hai wo kaisai calculate kron and iska process kia hai kaisai apply kron accounts office kindly guide kijiyega shukriya…

  24. Assalm-o-Aliykum, My mother was retired in August 2000 @ the age of almost 56. She passed away at 66 years. My father is receiving family pension. When his family pension restored. Thanks

  25. my father is getting pension from PUblic Health engineering department kpk as class-iv. his date of birth is 1945 (without days and months). his date of retirement is 30.06.2005. plz tell me the exact date of pension restoration and way/method/process of it.

  26. my father date of birth was 1945 (without any day and month) and he stood retire on 30/06/2005. plz tell me that the exact date for pension restoration and how it will be — what is the process; does he can commute it for the next 12 years? presently his pension is 8288 rupees whether it will doubled. or only 50% portion at the time of retirment will be added. (plz give me answer to extent you understand my request)

  27. Dear Shumaila kamal ! mere abu year 2005 me retair howe tha in ki pension restoration kab ho gi or kaha se hoti ha please lazmi batayey ga.Thanks.

  28. Respected Sir,
    My uncle retired on 01-07-2007 his last pay was 24130/-, Gross Pension is 16891/-, commutation portion is 5911.85 & net pension is 10979.15.
    He is suffering from Cancer aliment so kindly let us know about his deduction regarding this commutation to his wife / children after his death.

  29. Formula is very simple… if we divide the commuted portion (35 %) on the lump sum payment received as commutation… we will get the months after which the commuted portion of pension will be restored. then numbers of months may be divided by 12 to get years…e.g. if commuted portion of pension is Rs. 7000, while commutation amount is Rs. 650000, then the period of restoration commuted portion will be 650000 / 7000 = 92.85 months divided by 12 = 7. 7 years….

  30. Shumaila Kamal: I was retired from Pakistan Rangers Civil Armed Services under Federal Government on wef 5-12-1995 and my date of birth is 26-9-1952 at the age of 43 years 10 months & 9 days. Please intimate by return email when my Pension will be restored.

    E-mail:[email protected]

  31. Dear madam and all brothers taking part in discussion etc. regarding pension matters. Assalam-o-alaikum. these pages are very much beneficial for us. I am in search of any ruling of punjab government: Can remaining commuted amount of pension be refunded in lumpsum before completion of restored period?

  32. Madam.i am major Naeem from army.i will be retiring on 1st Jan 17.served fr 26 yrs n 8 date of birth is 3 mar 1969.please let me know whether I should opt for 100% pension or 65%pension with 35%commute.i have to submit my papers with in 2 days… second qes is will it be restored full after 12/20 yrs n to if I don’t get commuted portion,will it be zero after 12/20 yrs.waiting for reply at priority please via my e mail.regards(which one is better option).

  33. Dear Assalamu alikum

    I was retired on 4th June 2005 & my date of birth is 3rd Sep; 1959. I commuted 40% of my pension for 12 years. Please let me know when my full pension will be restored.


  34. A.O.A,
    Dear i want to know about the double pension cases about those employees who died while in service while their widows are eligible for restoration of commuted portion of pension after attaining the purchase of year(75 Years) with reference of notification of govt of punjab.

    I will wait your valuable comments.

    Pension Section

  35. saeed ahmed
    I was retired federal govt dated:-11-06-2001 at the age of 46 please inform me when I will be restoration complied date 11-06-2016 waiting for your reply URGENT

  36. I have been retired from KPT service from completed after 15 years what i do in eligible of restoration of pension pls give me comments,
    i am waiting ur reply

    Best Regards

  37. Asalam o Alekum Shumaila,
    I am sending you my particulars. Please if I could be told when the restoration of pension will be admissible in my case:
    Date of birth. 2nd Sep 1955
    Date of Joining Service. 12 May 1975
    Date of Retirement. 18 April 2002

  38. Khalid Mahmood Butt · Edit

    Dear Shumaila,
    I retired as Major (Army Medical Corp) in Jan 1971. My DOB is 22 May 1935. I got half my pension commuted, when shall my pension be restored. Whom and how can I apply.
    Please send the answer on my email address.
    I appreciate your help.

  39. My fathers pension details are given below.
    DATE OF birth=09-01-1957
    DATE OF appointment=21-10-1976
    DATE OF retirement=21-10-1994
    Gross amount of pension=1759 Rs
    Commuted=879 Rs
    RESIDUAL=879 Rs
    Age at retirement time=38 years
    Length of Service=18 years
    Can my fathers pension is commuted now….
    Reply must
    thank you

  40. Respected Shumaila Kamal, i am Dr. Arshad. My father was retired on 3 Feb 2003. I have two confusions, Hope you will help me.
    Q.1 How to find the restoration date of commuted portion of pension for KPK job.
    Q.2 My number of year purchased are 12.3.
    My father was KPK government employee.


  41. Dear, sir,
    I, was retired, from Govt: Service, at the age of 60 yrs, on 26-01-2002. Out of my total, Net Pension of Rs: 7927/50, Rs:3171/- were commuted,
    Now, on restoration, ( after 12 years,) on 20-01-2014, i am allowed, ( by the Distt: Accounts Officer, Kohat ) only the same ( 14 years earlier ) commuted amount of Rs: 3171/-per month, w.e.from 26-01-2014, and onward, and not allowed any benefits, even the increases during the years of 2014 and 2015. Arrears for the two years period w. e.f. 26-01-2014 to 2014, till the date, is also allowed at the same Rs:3171/- per month.

    Kindly, let me know, as to whether, am i not allowed any increase / benefits in restored Pension, even of the last 2 years ( after 12 years) increases/ benefits, till the date and onward ?

    Thank you very much sir,

    Abdur Rahim Khan

  42. dear maam shumaila, my father wants to know the exact date of restoration of commuted portion of his pension as he got retired from federal govt at the age of 60 and his retirement date is 15.9.2000. His 15 years got completed on 15.9.2015.

      1. Dear ma’am shumaila. My father date of retirement is 30.05.1996 at the age of 51. Does his name falls in the criteria of any financial advantage .or restoration.??

  43. Dear Sister and Brother Amir Agha,

    First of all, thanks a lot for doing a commendable job as always and clearing each and every thing which can come in once mind. But I have one very important question to ask on the subject that is if someone retires in Aug’ 2004 on 60 years then as per new notification, his pension will be restored after 12 years. Now I want to ask whether he will be paid all the increases of budget also on his restored pension too and his pension may be double (approximately) and will he get arrears of his commuted portion too or otherwise. Please give your expert answer as always and this will help a lot of people.
    My regards.

  44. My father was retried on 31-12-2009 at age of superannuation 60 years.
    My father is alive Al hum dullah. what will be the pension commuted time
    please tell the exact time

  45. Medam Shumaila
    Medam mere father ki
    Date Of Birth hai
    Date Of Retierement hai
    Date Of Death hai
    Medam ab meri mother family pension Le rahi hai
    medam meri mother ko restoration of pension kab se milegi.

  46. Madam Asalam-O-Alaikum
    medam Mere father ki DOB
    10-01-1949 Hai aur Date of Retirement 31-01-2002 hai aur Date of death 04-04-2009 hai
    ab meri mother faimly pension le rahi hai
    please batayega ke restoration of pension meri mother ko kab se milegi.

  47. Asalamolaikum .

    I was retired on 13-01-1990 at the age of 48 years National Pay scale 16. My gross pension was RS. 1612 (non commuted pension Rs. 806) . My restoration date is 01-02-2015. Please inform me what should be my total pension and arrears on 31-07-2015. or please let me know how can I calculable myself.
    waiting for your reply


  48. my father retired at 60 years of age, on 15 januray 2002,as an XEN C&W KPK,is he eligible for getting commuted portion of pension and it would be how much?? kindly reply..

  49. Dear Shomaila, kia ye confirm hi, 2001 ke baad retire honey wale federal mulazmeen ke pension be restore ho gi. please reply,thanks.

  50. Asslam-O-Alekum, suppose one pensioner dies before 12 or 15 years (as the case may be) and his wife is getting family pension, then how his surrendered (commuted) pension will be restored?

  51. benevolent fund kay liay marhoom ke age or retirement kay bed death kay bed kub tak widow ko mil sakta hay provincial employees ki
    i mean that on what age the employ died and after his death his widow can received benevolent fund grant from a provincial govt.

  52. Dear Shumaila,

    Main 13-11-2001 ko Compulsory Retire hua thaa…..Uswaqt mayri age 33 saal thi. Kiya next year 13-11-2001 ko mayri pension double hoskay ge ??

  53. My mother was retired on 15-5-1998,her D.O.B. is 16-5-1938. The restoration date is 15-5-2013. Her pension is 20568/-p.m. What is her double pension now?

      1. Dear Shumaila mere brother in law ki death mere sis ko family pension milti he.
        Ap retire employees k bare bata rahi ho.
        Or me family pension k bare me puch raha hun k family pension walo ki pension b 12 ya 15 sal double hoti he ya nahi??????????????

      2. Madam shumailakamal
        I retired at the age of superannuvation i.e. 60 years age and i have completed 12 years after retirement.I need reference that is circular no etc as you have refered in ur comments that after 12 years sold portion of pention is restored.I shall be thankfull to you

  54. Jazakallah for nice information. I want to know whether widows are eligible for restoration of commuted pension because my mother case is recently declined by Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation. Need your opinion & necessary guidance.

    1. DEAR SHUMIALA KAMAL! My father is born in 15-4-1973 and start job in 1991 ( at the age of 18 ) and retired in 06—5–2009 at the age of ( 36 ) , what is restoration date PLZ REPLY


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