Simple Pension Calculator Effective From 01-07-2016

A Simple Pension Calculator Effective From 01-07-2016 has been prepared on the demand of the employees. It is a very simple calculator. You can even find your net pension and commute just in a few seconds.

Simple Pension Calculator Effective From 01-07-2016

You just have to fill the following information in the white cells of the sheet:

Last Basic Pay

If you retire on or after 1st June then you will also have to add 1x usual increment into basic pay.

Total Length of Service

You also have to enter your total length of service. If you have more than 30 years service, just enter 30 years not more.

Age Rate:

The table of age rate is given on the right side of the sheet. Age rate is No of purchased years.


After entering the above three values, you will get the net pension as well as commute.

In net pension following increases of pension are included:

  • Pension Increase 2010 @ 15%
  • Pension Increase 2011 @ 15%
  • Pension Increase 2015 @ 7.5%
  • Pension Increase 2016 @ 10%
  • Medical Allowance 2010
  • Ardali Allowance (If any)


Special thanks to Mr. Malik Atta Muhammad Uttra sending the sheet for the help/info of the employees. This sheet has been updated on 22-08-2016.


Download Pension Calculation Sheet for the Employees Retired After 01-07-2016 


Simple Pension Calculator


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58 thoughts on “Simple Pension Calculator Effective From 01-07-2016

  1. dear sir
    I retired on 14th may 2019 in grade 20 from health department. please know the amount of salary I will receive for these 14 days and how it is calculated

  2. My father died in service , he was a professor BPS 20. He was appointed on 25-06-1984 and died on 04-02-2017 . His basic pay at the time of death was 109910, what will be his payable family pension and commute ?? Kindly clarify what is commute and does the widow gets it atonce?

  3. Sir
    Ek Mulazim jo 31-12-2017 ko retire honatha wo din sunday ka hay is intkal 31-12-2017 subha hota hay kiya is pension Family Pension ho gi ya self
    is ke date of Birth 01-01-1958
    date of appoint 01-03-1998
    date of retiremnet 31-12-2017 A.N.
    Basic Pay Rs.14930/
    Sir, Pneion Calculate batain

  4. pl inform urgent my pension and cummutation as per criteria
    federal govt employees
    grade 16
    basic pay 55390
    date of birth 20-03-1961
    date of enrollment 05-02-1986
    date of retirement 01-07-2018

  5. My total 11 years date of appointment 30. July 2003. Date. Of retirment 14 dec. 2015 my basic salary was 2300
    ast 23000 calcalulate my total gp. Fund pension thnks. My date of birth is 24. March 1980
    ? My temporary posting was quetta dalbandin

  6. My total 11 years date of appointment 30. July 2003. Date. Of retirment 14 dec. 2015 my basic salary was 2300
    ast 23000 calcalulate my total gp. Fund pension thnks

  7. dear sir. i m punjab govt employe. i want premature retirement after 20 years qualified service. i m 42 years old nw. i want information about pension.

  8. Dear sir kindly tell me about monthly pension how to calculate monthly pension without medical allowance if 38720 basic
    Date of birth 26-6-1972
    Date of appointment 4-11-1990
    Retirement date 31-10-2017
    Then gross pension =24393.6
    Then 65% of gross pension 15855.84
    How we take pension without medical 30000 plus?
    Kindly help me

  9. Sir If I put same amount of basic salary in 2016 and 2017 calculator sheet , the net take home pension come less in 2017 than 2016. Can not understand.

    1. Dear Fakhar in 2016 pension calculation there were more increases added i.e 2010 increase, however basic pay was less at that time calculation, in 2017 calculation some of the increases during previous years ended however basic pay much increased to cover these increases.

  10. Hi thanks for information my LPR is due
    my appointment is 4-5-1993
    my date of Birth is 8-4-171
    I am grade 17
    my basic salary is in this month 56670
    Actual Receiving salary is 85388 after deduction
    Total salary 95219
    I want information about the Retirment money & month;y pension
    my email is [email protected]

  11. hi i want iformation about retirment i want retirement after 25 years next year 2018 in may
    can possible? my age is 46 years but i want reiremnt 25 years

  12. AOA Sir
    my father was working in BPS 17 . and their basic pay is 56320 .they retired on 14-08-2016
    can the annual increment will be added to their pension ???
    the pension + graduity will be accordingly 56320….or after increment 58250
    plz tell me …if someone know

  13. Bps-9. Basic pay at retirement =26330. Date of birth.3-8-1966. date of joining. 21-8-1989. date of retirement. 22-10-2016 . my qualifying service is 24 years , 9 months and 11 days. my gross pension is 15359.17, ordinary pension =9983.46 and commute= 1181337.71.
    i have retired on medical ground at category A status punjab government. plz tell me what is my home pension , gratuity and other benefits as category A.

  14. i m retired bs 9 punjab government medical board category A . my retirement date is 22 -10 – 2016 and my qualifying service is 24 yrs , 9 mnths nd 11 days . my date of birth is 3 -8- date of entering government service is gross pension 15359.17, ordinary pension 9983.46 nd commute is 1181337.71.what is my home pension nd other benefit as a category A status? reply me as soon as possible . thanks

  15. I am serving in PIACL and will be retire on 31st May 2019. My present Basic pay is 62000. I joined airline on 18th December 1988. If i opt early retirement in May 2017. Please calculate my pension and oblige.

  16. As Dr Aziz asked me and 2 friends also wants to get full pension without 35% commutation is it possibly and do you have any letter in connection to this rule

  17. Dear sir
    As Commutation is Optional and i do not want to commute my 35% Pension,but there
    is no option in pension calculation sheet. please guide me

    Thanks & Regards

    Dr Aziz

  18. Dear administrator GLXspace

    i am retiring in 2017 before June. my current basic salary is 60180 and my basic pay scale is 18. i work for government of Baluchistan. my total years of service are 41. what will be my gratuity and what will i receive as pension after retirement. in calculator there is 65 % pension and 35 % pension and commute what does these three terms mean and if i draw commute amount at the time of my retirement will it effect my net pension or not???. is it necessary to draw commute amount???

  19. محترم میڈیکل الاوئنس کے بارہ میں وضاحت کی ضرورت ہے آپ کے کلکولیٹر میں میڈیکل الاوئنس 2010 کے اضافہ کے بعد کلکولیٹ کیا گیا ہے جبکہ بہاول پور اکاوئٹس آفس والے نیٹ پنشن پر میڈیکل الاوئنس کلکولیٹ کر رہے ہیں اگر کسی بھی اکاوئٹس آفس کے پنشن آڈر کی کاپی مل جائے تو ہم بھی بہاول پور کے اکاوئٹس آفس سے بات کر سکیں گے

  20. محترم 20 فیصد میڈیکل الاوئنس کے بارہ میں پوچھنا ہے آپ کے کلکولیٹر میں یہ الاوئنس 2010 کے اضافہ کے بعد لگایا گیا ہے جبکہ بہاول پور اکاونٹس آفس نیٹ پنشن پر میڈیکل الاوئنس دے رہا ہے یعنی 2010 کے اضافہ کو شامل نہیں کرتے ہیں درست کیا ہے

  21. Sir,
    main na LPR avail kr rakhi hy upto 31-01-2017. Pl calculate my pension Monthly/ Commute main ap ka bobt sukerguzar hoan ga.
    Birth date 02-02-1958, Date of joining service 01-02-1983, scale B-19, Basic pay on 31-01-2017 =100570/-, Personal Allowance= 12800/-

  22. Shakeel Ahmed Bhutto · Edit

    Date of Birth 24.12.1962
    Date of Appointment 01.12.1981
    Basic Pay Rs. 37030
    Date of retiement 23.12.2016
    Plz calculate my pension & commute

  23. I was promoted in 1999 in bps 15 already working in bps 15 at that time no concept of personal pay and i was on beyond on the scope of the scale please let me know whether is am entitled of one premature increment. What is mode of fixation of pay when there is no concept of pp.

  24. Thanks for ever present support, I want to ask you that now govt has merged the increases of 2011 (15%) and 2012 (20%) & 2015 (7.5%) in new pay scales of 01-7-2016 but in your calculator you are adding the pension increases on the same. Is this correct or the situation is otherwise because in my opinion these increases have already been made part of the basic pay and hence should not be further paid in pension. Please clarify, I shall be highly thankful.

  25. Medical Allowance 2010 ka izafa laga kar calculate kea jaye gha.aur 1.7.2015 sa 25 % mazeed Medical Allowance pay lagana ha.Example Net pay+2010 15% increase=6884+1033=7917
    Medical Allowance= 7917*25%=1979
    25% increase in medical Allowance w.e.f 1.7.2015= 1979*25%=495
    Total Medical Allowance w.e.f 1.7.2015= 1979+195= 2474

    Note:Rate of Med Allow for Non G is 25% and for Gazted is 20% w.e.f 1.7.2010. Whereas 25 % increase w.e.f 1.7.2015 is same for both
    For More Guidance= [email protected]

  26. Hi friends. I have full excel sheet for pension calculations which start from 1981 to 2016. Just for kpk pensioners. Any one want then contact me.

  27. my date of joining in service is 11-2-1987 and if I opt retirement right now with length of service about 29 years 6 months and 7 days, what age I should consider in pension formula 29 years or 30 years?….plz reply

  28. میری عمر 46سال ھے اور میری سروس 23 سال ھے اور میری بیسک پے23280 ھےمیں نے 28-08-2016 کو پنشن جانا ھےمھربانی فرما کر مجھے میری پنشن اور کمیوٹ کا حساب لگا دیں شکریا

  29. Date of birth 1-7-1963 date of opointement 1-9-1985 date of retirement 1-1-2017 basic pay Rs 53000 grade 16 mery pention aur comudation 2016 k hisab se kitna banega ? Thanks

    1. Net Pension: Rs. 42535/-
      Gross Pension: Rs. 37100/-
      Commute: Rs. 2550929/-

      Your Service is 30 Years 11 Month 20 Days (30 Years service will be counted only for pension purpose)

      Your Age is 53 Years.

      Your Age Rate is 16.371.

  30. I want to know that how many types of leave which federel govt employee can avail???
    what is C/leave and E/leave in detail.
    i have read revised leave rules but there is no detail information specially about C and E Leave.

    What is C Leave and how many days and what is E Leave ?

    1. Dear Hussain

      C Leave stands for Casual Leave, an employee can avail upto 20 days Casual Leave in 1 Calendar Year, Casual Leave can not be combined with any other type of Leave (E Leave, EOL etc.)

      E Leave stands for Earned Leave, if an employee serves more than 15 days (16 or above) in a calendar month, he gets 4 E/L’s in lieu of that full month, so basically, an employee gets 12 x 4 = 48 E/L’s given that he fulfils the criteria mentioned above!

      Different organizations have different criteria about C-Leave, as per Rules, a staff member (BPS 1 – 16) can have 10 days Causal Leave at once, but organizations do not permit more than 5 Causal Leaves at once!

      Some Organizations do not go above 4, so it happens, but rules for E-Leave are same! You can avail 120 Days E Leave (LFP) at once (without producing a medical certificate). LFP stands for Leave on Full Pay! And if your reason is of Medical Nature, you can avail 180 days LFP at once by producing Medical Certificate!

      If you still have queries, you can reach me out at my email address: [email protected]


  31. میڈیکل الانس اضافہ برائے 2010 لگاکر کلکولیٹ هو گا یا پھر اضافہ برائے 2011 لگا کر میڈیکل الانس کلکولیٹ هو گا. کلکولیشن کا طریقہ کار بتایا جائے. عین نوازش هو گی


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