News Regarding Increase in Salary Budget 2017-18

Today I am sharing the latest News Regarding Increase in Salary Budget 2017-18, that was published in the Nawa-e-Waqt Online newspaper dated 13th April 2017.

Increase in Salary of Government Employees for 2017-18 latest news

According to this news, there is proposal of 15% increase in salaries in the budget 2017-18. In view of the last budget of this Government, it is proposal of 15% increase in pay of the Government employees. It was earlier proposed that 10% increase in pay be made, however Punjab Government proposed that there should be 15% increase in salaries.


Updates Increase in Salary Budget 2017-18


Previous News Regarding Increase in Salary Budget 2017-18

In the previous news it was shown that there is proposal of new revise pay scale 2017 after merging 50% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2010.  There is also proposal of increase in Medical Allowance, House Rent Allowance and other allowances. But these are mere news and let’s see which way the wind blows in the coming days as the budget 2017-18 is drawing near.


Increase in Salary Budget 2017-18


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22 thoughts on “News Regarding Increase in Salary Budget 2017-18

  1. Government must be required increase in the salaries of civil employees of all Pakistan specially Balochistan revision of pay scale and adjust 50% A/Relief Allowance + 10 % 2016 A/Relief into Basic Pay and then increase 15% salaries with following allowances
    1.Medical allowance 25% of Running pay
    2. House Rent 45% on running Basic Pay
    3. 40% Agency allowance required on running basic pay, while it was frees on 2001 by musharif Govt:
    4. Utility allowance is very essential to the Balochistan employees

    The Balochistan is very back world area of Pakistan and always negligent by the all previous Governments as all authorities well know there are no any facility of Hospitals , No good Colleges / Universities only one Medical College , One engineering university, One Agriculture Water & Marine Science University , which is very enough to the Balochistan Nation and they are facing difficulties to educate their children from out of Province specially employees of Balochistan
    Therefore Government required review the situation of Baloch Nation to facilitate them and kept equivalence

  2. Pak army tamam kam kr rhe ha.election,selab,mardam shumari,operations,idpees,or bhe bht kam kr rhe ha etc hr work me pak army ha or pay tamam sarkari mulazmeen se km ha is lia pak army ki pay ziada se ziada ki jay.

  3. That’s a good news but I’m proposing to increase pay at least 20 percent and the adhoc allowance should merg in basic pay.also the other allowances such as house rent,medical allowance may be increase to 50 percent for only Pak Army and security forces

  4. Plz increase in pay @20 % after adjusting 50% adhoc allowance and also noted that there is no option except army to control the all conditions. Plz study their pay and allowances and increase at your end.

  5. 50% dhoc ubasic m merg m karen ur 20% pay bahraen ya uitlity alloowns be zarore h. pbs 1 to bps 15 tak so kindly request for sindh government.

  6. Strong demand on behalf of the govt servants is minimum 20% increase. Besides ad hoc allowance should be merged. Will be very grateful to the incumbent govt forever!

  7. Madam kia 50% merg ho ga k ne or abi newspaper me aia hai janab ishaq dar sb ne kaha hai k employees ko zayda zayda relief de ge or aik news hai k 15% salary increase ho ge tamam employees ke ap ka is bare me ap ke kia news hai please inform me aqeel ur rehman

  8. Don’t expect much more releaf for Govt.employees from this so called Govt.Nawaz Govt has never given enough releaf to employees so far..

  9. Nothing will be happen because NAwaz government always against the government employees
    So they will never increase the salaries of employees as much you people’s are expected so ..
    Hope for good … hor do vote noon league nu..


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