Latest News Regarding Salary (pay and Pension) increase in Budget 2022-23

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I am sharing here the Latest News Regarding Salary (pay and Pension) increase in Budget 2022-23 Pakistan. This is just news and we may not say it final proposal. The same news we derived from the Daily Jang dated 6th June 2022.

The Latest News Regarding Salary (pay and Pension) increase in Budget 2022-23


According to the Daily Jang dated 06-06-2012, due to failure in submitting the report of the pay and pension commission in time and granting further time to the commission, the Government is thinking about the three following options:


  • 5% Increase in Salary
  • 10% Increase in salary
  • 15% increase in salary


The Government can give an Adhoc relief allowance of 5% to 10% for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-19

There may be a 10% to 15% increase as Adhoc Relief Allowance 2012 for the employees of BPS-20 to BPS-22. As the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15 have already received a 15% Disparity Reduction Allowance 2022 wef 1st March 2022.


Salary Increase News 08-06-2022


There is two news published by Daily Dunya and Dali Aaj on 8th June 2022. Let’s look a glimpse of this news:


5% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 and 5% Increase in Pension Proposal


According to the Daily Dunya newspaper dated 08-06-2022, there is a proposal of 5% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 and a 5% Increase in Pension. The employees of BPS-01 to BPS-16 will get a benefit of650/- per month and the employees of BPS-17 and above will get a benefit of Rs. 2000/- per month. This does not look like reasonable news.


Salary Increase News 8th June 2022


Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Budget 2022-23 and Employees’ Salaries


Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Finance Department has not yet finalized the Budget 2022-23. There are chances that the Government will finalize the Budget in three days. The Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Government was to present the KPK budget on 1st June 2022, however, due to some reasons the budget presentation in assembly was delayed. Now the Government will announce the Budget on 13th June 2022.

There is a proposal to increase 10% the salaries of the employees in the budget. The Government may have another option to double the House Rent Allowance. However, it is just news and maybe in three or four days, the Government set the Budget in Final shape.


KPK Salary News 8-06-2022

Increase in Pension News 2022


There are two options for the pensioners that the Government may think are as under:


  • 5% increase in Pension
  • 10% increase in Pension


Salary Increase Budget 2022-23 News Dated 07-06-2022


According to the Daily Express dated 7th June 2022, the Government employees may get Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022. The government will approve the Budget 2022-24 before 30th June 2022. The Commission may submit its recommendations before the deadline. As the recommendations of the commission are late, so there are more chances for Adhoc Relief Allowance only. However, the employees want the Government must revise the pay scales.


Salary Increase Budget 2022-23 News Dated 07-06-2022


Daily Nawa I Waqt Dated 7th June 2022


The Daily Nawa I Waqt also states the same news, due to the delay in the report of P&PC, the Government may favor the employees with 5% to 15% as Adhoc Relief Allowance.


Latest Updated 7th June 2022 Pay




Pay and Pension Commission Updates


As per the Notification that the Finance Division issued, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has given an extension to P&PC to submit the recommendation till 30th June 2022. The Regulation Wing of the Finance Division had completed its task but later on, it was decided that they will get the services of an Actuary. They have decided that after completion of the pay and pension report and they will get its report.

In PTI Government the chairman of the P&PC was Mr. Wajid Rana (Ex-Finance Secretary), however, he resigned. After that Government appointed ex Bureaucrat Nargis Sethi as Chairperson. He also resigned. After that Government appointed Mr. Zafar Ahmad Khan. Government give the commission two times, time but failed. However, Government has now further given an extension till 30-06-2022.

Note: The employees and pensioners should not worry, it is news and not the final decision of the Government. The government will declare all at the final date of announcement of Budget 2022-23 Pakistan.


Please keep visiting this post I shall update here the further coming updates in this regard.


Keeping in view, the current dearness wave in the country, this 5% to 15% is nothing for the employees. They want more. Their main demands are the increase in Conveyance Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, and Merging of Adhoc Relief Allowances and the introduction of Revised Pay Scales 2022.


Latest News Regarding Salary (pay and Pension) increase in Budget 2022-23

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