Petrol Prices and Need to Increase Conveyance Allowance in Budget 2022-23

Due to the recent increase in fuel and petrol prices in Pakistan, there is a dire Need to Increase the Conveyance Allowance in the Budget 2022-23 for the Government employees of Pakistan. Employees are getting the conveyance allowances very less as compared to their conveyance expenses to go to their offices and back home.

Need to Increase Conveyance Allowance in Budget 2022-23


We shall study in detail the prices of petrol and the requirement of enhancement in Conveyance Allowance. Federal Government has issued the Notification of the date of presentation of Budget 2022-23 in the National Assembly of Pakistan. In this discussion we shall read about the comparison of fuel prices and CA, Current Rates of CA, How Much requirement to raise CA, Conveyances expenses, etc.

Petrol Prices and CA Comparison

The last time Government increased a minor amount in CA was in 2014 for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15. While the Conveyance Allowance for the employees of BPS-16 and above last time increased on 01-07-2012. You can check the history of the Conveyance Allowance. Now nearly 10 years gone but no raise in CA for the employees. Just compare the prices of fuel and conveyance expenses during the last ten years.  Fuel prices rose many times but no change in Conveyance Allowance. Petrol prices in 2012 were nearly 85 to 95 rupees. Now the rates of petrol are nearly double the rates in 2012.


Current Rates CA for Employees


Currently, the employees are getting the conveyance allowance at the following rates:


  • BPS-01 to BPS-04 = Rs. 1785/- per month
  • BPS-05 to BPS-10 = Rs. 1932/- per month
  • BPS-11 to BPS-15 = Rs. 2856/-
  • BPS-16 and above = Rs. 5000/-

Conveyance Expenses for Employees

Most of the male employees go to their offices by their own conveyance. Most of the employees have motorcycles to go to their offices. The employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15/16 mostly use motorcycles. While the employees of BPS-17 and above mostly use motorcars. The female employees of higher pay scales use their own cars as well as public/private transport. However, most of the lower scale female employees use public transport/private transport. Now calculate the average expenses of each minimum 10KM distance:

One side distance 10 KM

Two sided distance 20 KM

Conveyances Expenses by Own Cars

20 KM = 2 Liter petrol

Total Expenses = 2 x 180 = 360/-

Monthly Expenses = 26 x 360 = 9360/-

Maintenance Charges (Minimum) = 5000/-

Total Monthly Conveyance Expenses = 14360/-

Conveyances Expenses by Motocycles

25KM = 0.5 Liter Petrol

Total Expenses = 0.50 x 180 = 90/-

Monthly Expenses = 26 x 90 = 2340/-

Maintenance Charges (Minimum) = 2500/-

Total Monthly Conveyance Expenses = 4840/-

Conveyances Expenses by Taxi

Total Daily Expenses = 20 KM = Rs. 800/-

Monthly Expenses = 26 x 800 = 20800/-

Conveyances Expenses by Rickshaw

Total Daily Expenses = 20 KM = Rs. 600/-

Monthly Expenses = 26 x 600 = 15600/-


Demand to Increase Conveyance Allowance 2022


Keeping in view the above-estimated expenses, Government should fix the conveyance allowance for the employees as under:


  • BPS-01 to BPS-10 = 5000/-
  • BPS-11 to BPS-15 = 8000/-
  • BPS-16 and above = 12000/- to 15000/-



Petrol Prices and Need to Increase Conveyance Allowance in Budget 2022-23


I have already published a detailed article regarding the demand of the employees to Increase salaries in Budget 2022-23 Pakistan. In this article, I have also focussed on the need to enhance the conveyance allowance for the employees. But that article I published about a month ago when the rates of petrol were 150/- per liter. Now the rates are 180/- per month.

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  1. Contents are factual. Present FG may consider the same for inclusion in the forthcoming Budget in the best interest of the masses of Pakistan.


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