Grant of M.Phil Allowance @Rs.2500/- per Month

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Higher Education Commission has issued letter on 23-05-2017 in connection with Grant of M.Phil Allowance @Rs.2500/- per Month.  Detail is as under:

Under the Provision of Section 10 clause 1 (o) of HEC`s Ordinance No. I,III, dated 11.09.2002, the Quality Assurance Division of HEC has devised the Admission and  Award of Degree Criteria for MS/M.Phil/PhD/Equivalent Programs. As per HEC approved criteria (enclosed), there is no difference between MS and M.Phil degrees except nomenclature. As such, there are two types of MS//M.Phil Degrees that are mentioned below:

  1. MS/M.Phil by Course Work (30 credit hours)
  2. MS/M.Phil by Thesis (24 credit hours course work + 06 credit hours thesis)

It is further added that in some cases, nomenclature was changed from M.Phil to after the introduction of BS and MS programs by HEC. As such following types of degrees are awarded are awarded as equivalent to 18 years of schooling:

                          S#                          Degree Title         Description

a.       MPhil Degree (with thesis)

b.      MPhil Degree (with thesis)


Both are equal degrees, awarded, after 24 credit hours course work + 06 credit hours thesis. These is no difference except nomenclature.

a.       M.Phil Degree by Course Work

b.       MS Degree by Course Work



Both are equal degrees, awarded, after 30 credit hours course work. There is no difference except nomenclature.

                      iii Equivalent degrees of Other disciplines like Engineering, Agriculture, Law, MBA, etc. In these disciplines, degrees are not awarded with MS/ MPhil Title while these degrees are equated to n18 years of schooling.

According to above referred Office Memorandum of Govt. of Pakistan, Finance Division, the M.Phil allowance is granted to these only who acquire/possess the degree of M.Phil recognized by the HEC. However, in view of the above mentioned clarification, all those who have M.Phil or MS degrees (18 years schooling) should be eligible to draw the allowance @ Rs.2500/- per month.


Grant of M.Phil Allowance

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17 thoughts on “Grant of M.Phil Allowance @Rs.2500/- per Month

  1. i have already shared my contacts with all of you people, we will not be able to get this allowance until we approach court of law against finance division as finance division is the only hurdle in this allowance.

    my cell number is 03085059325 please contact me to make a plan to get our right.

  2. Today I have come to know from my admin division that MBA degree (3.5 years) with thesis is admissible for MS/M.Phil allowance and same MBA degree with course work isn’t admissible for said allowance.. Seniors pl mention either they are saying true??

  3. There is also a special allowance @50% of PhD Allowance for employees having M.Phil… Can anyone explain what is the difference between these allowances?


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