Double Job during Regular Service

Directorate General Health Services, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar has issued Notification on 06-02-2019 in connection with Double Job during Regular Service. Detail is as under:

            This has come to the notice of the undersigned that some of Nurses (Civil Servants) are doing private jobs for which they are not entitled as per the TORs of the Government. All the controlling officers are directed to submit the following information on urgent basis.

  1. Name of Nursing Staff with Father Name on long leave.
  2.  Nursing staff on duty doing private job evening / night shift
  3. Name of nursing staff with father name who are not attending bio matric in time.
  4. Address / domicile of all nursing staff
  5. Nursing staff performing private duty and accommodated in Government sector, hostel and habitably come late to hostel

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the letter of Double Job during Regular Service.

Double Job during Regular Service

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