News Updates Budget 2019-20 Salaries Increase Employees

I am sharing the Budget 2019-20 Salaries increase Employees news updates. The Daily Aaj dated 09-06-2019 again published the news regarding increase of salaries in Budget 2019-20 for the Government Employees of Pakistan.

                This news relates to the Speaker National Assembly who told that there will be 10% to 15% increase in salaries for the Government employees of Pakistan.

Conclusion of the News Updates Budget 2019-20 Salaries Increase Employees

The conclusion of this and all previous news is that there are chances of only 10% increase in salries of the employees and there are hardly even nil chances of increase in salaries more than 10%. Let’s see which figure of %age is the fate of the employees.

                Special thanks to Mr. Ibrar Shah for sending the News Updates of Budget 2019-20 in connection with increase salary of the Government Employees of Pakistan.

Dunya News TV Channel Salary Increase Updates

According to Dunya News TV Channel dated 09-06-2019 at 1400 pm there is proposal of 10% to 15% increase in salaries for the Govt employees. The proposal will be finalized on Tuesday 11th June 2019.

10 to 15 percent Increase salary

Request to Government of Pakistan Regarding Increase Salary

It is requested to the Govt of Pakistan that in addition to 10% salary there should also be increased Medical Allowance and House Rent Allowance for the Govt employees as the rates of these are much higher as compared to the allowances given to them. Most of the Govt employees are granted 1500 Medical Allowance per month for the family that is not reasonable in this period of dearness. Medical Allowance should be minimum 5000/- per month. Or the Govt Employees should be given the facility of HEALTH CARDS. In the same way the rates of the hired accommodation for the employees is are much more as compared to the House Rent Allowance that is being granted to them. It is not possible for an employee to hire a house in 2000 or 3000 that is being granted to most of the employees. An employee is not able to rent a house even in a small village or town in this amount. So Government should think over it.

Budget 2019-20 Salaries Increase Employees

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9 thoughts on “News Updates Budget 2019-20 Salaries Increase Employees

  1. Is this called change? Chief Executive Officer of one of the (Semi) Govt Organization is using 20 Million worth Pajero ? Is this purchase is fair of a ill organization ? imagine how much luxuries will be for a executive ? As on other side staff of the same organization is receiving only Rs. 800/- (7 Liter petrol) monthly. If you desire real change,you must look into the matter for the better of low paid employees. Most of the low paid employees are living on rent and what House rent they are receiving with monthly salary? PM is requested to pass orders to cut the fringe benefits of Higher management personnel of all the heads of govt and semi govt organization and increase the salary of all the low paid employees of Pakistan with same zeal of Govt employees.

  2. Iqbal bhai, ghareeb awam k parwa koi b nahi kartha chahy wo imran k tabdeeli ka naara ho ya nawaz k vote ko izat do ka nara ho. Dono me pakistan k ghareeb awam ko nazar andaz kiya gaya hay. Yaha p in k maa marthi hy jb sarkari mulazmeen k bath ajai ( khazany khali) or phir jab khud 6 basic pay as honaranium lethay hay tho khazany bharay paray hothy hy. Begherati k intaha

  3. Austerity measures are not being followed in letter-n-spirit by high-ups in govt. organizations with some exceptions. All IDC officers who are budget controlling authorities in their offices are doing what they think appropriate. Pakistan needs revamping of prevailing bureaucratic model and proper control over expenditure. 10% increase is good but what about price hike in Pakistan….? What are measures to control tax-evasion and hoarding…? Pakistani nation needs a practical lesson of honesty traveling from top to bottom….Mr. PM! Please start from yourself, start riding bicycle, strictly ban VIP protocols, cut down your luxury life style……Pakistani nation will stand with you……otherwise, your elected team has proven themselves as inexperienced, idiots and incapable of driving the economy towards right direction. Start from yourself…………..

  4. Hahahaha pakistan k baqa k liyi sarkari mulazmeen par Tax lagao takay jo 10 % de rahay ho wo bhi sarkari mulazim se wapas le lo. Or phr 6 6 basic pay as honranium le lay gay khud k hum ni budget me buhat kaam kiya. Ham ni purana pakistan or naya pakistan dek liya dono me koi farq nahi bsssss ameer or b ameer hoga or ghareeb or bhi ghareeb. Baljy is hskumat me tho middle tabqa bhi zaleel ho raha hay. 10 % k ilawa jo koi kise izafi ( utility allowance, house rent allowance, medical ) allowance k tawaqa rakay ga tho behad bewaquf insan hoga.


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