Approved Summary Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 Sindh @ 15% of Basic Pay

Government of Sindh, Finance Department has submitted a summary for Grant of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 @ 15% of the running basic pay for Sindh Government employees. The same summary has been approved by Chief Minister Sindh on 11-07-2019. Detail of Approved Summary Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 @ 15% of running Basic Pay is as under:

The Finance (Regulation Wing) Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad has notified the “Grant of Adhoc Relief Allowance-2019”  to the Employees of Federal Government w.e.f. 1st July, 2019 (Annexure-I) as per detail given below:-

  1. BPS-1 to 16 @10% of the Basic Pay
  2. BPS-17 to 20 @5% of the Basic Pay


  • However, Government of Sindh in its Budget Speech 2019-2020 announced 155 increase as Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019” to all Government Employees and Pensioners (Annexure-II).
  • Accordingly, Draft Office Memorandum for allowing 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 to all Sindh Government Employees is submitted for approval (Annexure-III).
  • The Honorable Chief Minister, Sindh may kindly like to approve para-3 above.


It is to mention here also that Punjab Government, Balochistan Government and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has also increased salaries @ 10% for BPS-01 to 16 and 5% for BPS-17 to BPS-20. They granted them Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 with effect from 1st July 2019. There is no increase in salaries for the employees of BPS-21 to BPS-22.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan & Mr. Ishtiaq Iqbal Khan for sending the copy of the Approved Summary Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 Sindh @ 15% of Basic Pay.

Approved Summary Adhoc Relief


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