Counting of Adhoc Service for Promotion Purpose

I received many queries from the visitors regarding the Adhoc service and promotion. Many questions were related to Counting of Adhoc Service for Promotion Purpose. The answer of this question is available in ESTA CODE.  According to the ESTA CODE Chapter No. 2 namely “Recruitment / Appointments, Seniority and Promotion” SL. No. 158, the Adhoc Period of the employee is countable towards promotion.

Under the existing rules ad hoc service period is not counted for the purpose of seniority (For Punjab it is yes). However a question has been arisen whether the ad hoc period of service that is followed by regularization, can be counted for the promotion of the employee to a higher grade / scale? The same matter has been examined in the Establishment Division.  It has been decided that the Adhoc period of the employee that is followed by regular appointment in the same pay scale is countable towards promotion to the higher scale. The condition is that there is no service break occurred between the regular and Adhoc period.

                These are the extractions from the Latest ESTA Code. I think there is no later amendment in the said rule till now. If any employee has any further latest updates can share with me so that I may update the situation. Further you may further comment below about the contract and Adhoc employment.


Counting of Adhoc Service for Promotion Purpose



Explanation of Counting of Adhoc Service for Promotion as per ESTA CODE


ESTA CODE Counting Contract Service for Promotion


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  1. Ad hoc services are counted for promotion .is there any rule for counting contract service for permotion.i have served 9 year as contract employee


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