Comprehensive Rules for Preparation of Seniority List from PST to HST Promotion Hyderabad Region

Directorate of School Education, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Hyderabad issued a Notification on 19-05-2023 in connection with the Preparation Rules of Seniority List from PST to HST Promotion Hyderabad Region. The details are as under:


Preparation Rules of Seniority List from PST to HST Promotion


Directorate of School Education Elementary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary Wings issue complete guidelines for the Preparation of Promotion list of PSTs. The Competent Authority provides guidelines for the seniority list of all the respected teachers who are fit and ready for promotion. The department is giving promotions to honorable teachers from the posts of  PST to EST. These all teachers get promotions according to the government promotion policy.


Higher Scale Promotion of Primary School Teachers to HSTs


Deputy Director (Admin) issues notifications on orders of competent Authority to provide guidelines for the promotion of PSTs to ESTs. The District Education Authority of the Primary wing holds responsible for preparing the list of teachers to get promotions. DEO Secondary Wing has no concern with this.


Eligibility Criteria for Promotion of PSTs to High School Teacher


As per the recruitment policy of the Government HST (High School Teacher) post, the department must fill as per initial recruitment @25% initially. The department will also fill the HST posts  @25 to 50% with the currently existing PSTs and JSTs.



Preparation Rules of Seniority List from PST to HST Promotion


Mandatory Professional Degree for Promotion of PSTs to HST


According to Competent Authority, all the respective PSTs must possess a professional degree B.Ed. As it is mandatory for the promotion. The teachers are eligible for the post of HST with a B.Ed as a Professional Degree. All those teachers of respective categories are not eligible if they do not possess a professional degree of B.Ed.

             The Competent Authority orders the respective DEAs to prepare the final seniority list of all PSTs who possess a B.Ed degree and are fit for promotion to the post of HST. After the preparation of the list, The department should issue the list for the purpose of promotion. For this purpose, DEA must follow the government rules of government with the title of “The Seniority List of JSTs /PST Who Possess Professional Degree of B.Ed”.

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