Guidelines for Preparation of Seniority List (Sindh)

Government of Sindh, School Education & Literacy Department has issued a Notification on 27-10-2021 in connection with Guidelines for Preparation of Seniority List (Sindh). The details are as under:


Complete Guidelines for Preparation of Seniority List

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to advise you to follow the below guidelines for the preparation of seniority lists for taking further necessary action:


  1. Section 10(i) and the Section 12(b) of Sindh Sevanst (Probation, Confirmation n& Senioty Rules 1975 may be read for ready reference)

“10(1) Subject to the provisions of rule 11, the seniority of a civil servant shall be reckoned from the date of his regular appointment ”
“12(b) a person appointed by transfer on his own request shall rank junior to all other persons appointed before him on the regular basis and the persons appointed with him on the same batch or on the same day by promotion or initial recruitment”

  1. Seniority is determined on the basis of the date of regularization. Sometimes, the date of appointment and regulation is different; in this case, the date of regularization will be the basis for determining seniority.
  2. Professional degrees like CT, PTC, B.Ed, etc are for prom, options, and other benefits. These degrees are not, in any case, the determining factor for seniority.
  3. The seniority list should contain all employees of the same cadre whether they possess professional degrees or not. However, the requisite degrees and training are compulsory for promotions, without these degrees and dcompoluisory training, no one can be promoted.
  4. It makes no difference whether professional degrees are acquired earlier or later, this will not affect the Seniority.
  5. For the purpose of promotion, a working paper will be submitted, which will contain only the names of eligible candidates, who fulfill the requirements of the promotion.
  6. The seniority lists, which are not prepared in accordance with rules will not be accepted for any purpose.


All the Directors and District Education Officers are hereby directed to maintain/ prepare the seniority lists of teaching and as well as non-teaching staff as per the above guidelines, under the intimation to this Department.



Guidelines for Preparation of Seniority List (Sindh)

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