Notification of Ban on General Duty

Government of the Punjab, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department has issued Notification on 17-01-2020 in connection with Ban on General Duty. Detail is as under:

I am directed to refer to this departments letter of even No dated 06.12.2019 on the subject noted above whereby, a complete ban was imposed on general duty of all officers / officials in P&SH Department. It  has been observed by the Competent Authority that the said directions are being misinterpreted and the staff is deputed on general duty by attachments/ special duties/temporary duties etc.

  1. It is clarified that ban on general duty includes all type of general duty including attachments / special / temporary etc and there is no concession whatsoever in this regard.
  2. I am further directed to convey that no officer / official will be posted out from his actual place of posting in any general duty including attachments/special duty / temporary duty etc.
  3. It is, therefore requested to cancel all type of such transfer/general duties and forward a report within week positively.
  4. Non-compliance of instructions will be lead to initiation of Disciplinary Proceedings against the concerned Chief Executive Officers or other Officers as the case may be. `

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan & Mr. Sheri Rao for sending the copy of the Notification.


Notification of Ban on General Duty

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One thought on “Notification of Ban on General Duty

  1. I suggest that by incorporating able body and energetic civilian a force be formed to coordinate the work. May it be for distribution of food or for collection of data for affected families. It should be under eachNA or Province Assembly areas covering respective UCs. In
    this way you can cover whole area. Regards. Colonel agha


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