Summary Revision Health Risk Allowance @ One Running Basic Pay Sindh Health Department

Summary for Chief Minister Sindh’s approval has been prepared in connection with Revision Health Risk Allowance @ One Running Basic pay Sindh Health Department. The details are as under for the concerned employees of the Health Department of the province of Sindh.


Summary Revision Health Risk Allowance @ One Basic Pay Sindh


  1. In order to combat the pandemic of Corona Virus Disease, the lockdown has been declared throughout the country. Most of the departments and trade affairs are closed to deter the surge of COVID-19. However, the essential services including the personnel of the Health Department. The government of Sindh are fighting. day and night, against this outbreak inefficient and technical way. Thus putting their lives in jeopardize for the sake of the nation.
  2. To keep their spirit high, a meeting with the representatives of Joint Action Committee Sindh Doctors (JAC), consisting of the members of the Pakistan Medical Association and Young Doctors Association, was held under the Chairmanship of Worthy Minister for Health and Population Department. The representatives of JAC Submitted their (12) point agenda/demand/suggestion to collectively fight against COVID-19 (Annexure-I)


Immediate Orders


  1. The Minister of H&P Department issued immediate orders for most of the agenda points to cater to the need of doctors and paramedical staff and for the betterment of health facilities, which are devoid of basic amenities to copy with the upsurge of COVID-19 patients. Against the 12 points/demand, it was more emphasized by the representatives of Joint Action Committee Sindh Doctors (JAC) that Health Risk Allowance at the rate of One Gross Salary should be given to all Healthcare professionals including Postgraduates and House Job Officers to infuse them a spirit to work with more zeal and zenith.
  2. Taking into the consideration of flare-up of COVID-19 to encourage the health personnel including Post Graduates (PG’s) a Job Officers’ (HJOs), it is proposed that One Running Basic Pay may kindly be allowed, until the end up of Corona Virus Disease, from the month of March 2020 to all the employees of Health Department, in the best interest of the public.
  3. The Honourable Chief Minister Sindh may like to approve para-4 above.


Special thanks to Mr. .Muhammad Bux Saleem Khaskheli who sent a copy of the Notification of Summary Increase Health Risk Allowance.


Summary Revision Health Risk Allowance


Summary Revision Health Risk Allowance Sindh



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