Notification of Revision Utility Allowance 2021 for Judiciary

Islamabad High Court has issued a Notification on 29-03-2021 in connection with Revision Utility Allowance 2021 for the Judiciary of Islamabad.  This increase in utility allowance is applicable with effect from 1st March 2021.

Increase /Revision Utility Allowance 2021 for Judiciary


In the exercise of powers under Rule-26 of “the Islamabad Judicial Service Rules, 2011”; and Rule-3(4) & 18 of the “The Islamabad Capital Territory Civil & Sessions Courts Ministerial Establishment Service Rules,2011”; and Para-I(ii) of the Federal Division’s O.M No. 1(5) Reg.12/80-Vol-IV-Exp.III/2002-124, dated 05th March 2009; and Financial Management and Powers of Principal Accounting Officers Regulations, 2021; and System of Financial Control & Budgeting, 2006: and pursuant to the Judgment passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan in Civil Appeals No. 105/K of 1989, dated 31.03.1993 (PLD-1994-SC-105); and Article 175(3) of the Constitution.

This is regarding the separation of the Judiciary from the Executive; and the decision of the National Judicial (Policymaking) Committee to remove the disparity in salaries and allowance, the Hon’ble Chief Justice and the Judges have been pleased to revise the rate of Utility Allowance in respect of all the Juridical Officer (including ex-cadre) of Islamabad Judicial Service and all the employees of District Judiciary (East & West), Islamabad, with effect from 01.03.2021, as under:-


Table of Increase the Rates of Utility Allowance


Sr. No. Basic Pay Scale No Existing Rate Revised Rate of Utility Allowance
  BPS-01 to 06 Rs.3000/- Rs.6000/-
  BPS-07 to 10 Rs.4000/- Rs.8000/-
  BPS-11 to 15 Rs.4000/- Rs.10,000/-
  BPS-16 Rs.4000/- Rs.12,000/-
  BPS-17 Rs.5000/- Rs.15,000/-
  BPS-18 Rs.5000/- Rs.18,000/-
  BPS-19 Rs.8000/- Rs.21,000/-
  BPS-20 Rs.8000/- Rs.24,000/-
  BPS-21 to 22 Rs.8000/- Rs.24,000/-

2. The expenditure involved would be met from within the allocated budget for the financial year 2020-21.

Special Thanks: Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Ch


Revision Utility Allowance 2021 for Judiciary


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