Adjustment of Surplus Employees of GENCO

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Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pvt) Limited has issued a Notification on 20-05-2021 in connection with Adjustment of Surplus Employees of GENCO.


In pursuance of the decision of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet made vide case No.ECC-123/11/2021 dated 07th April 2021 communicated vide Ministry of Energy (Power Division) Islamabad letter No. GPI-G (Misc)/2021 dated 29th April 2021, following 33 No. GENCO’s Employees declared surplus are hereby adjusted in QESCO against the post mentioned against each as conveyed by the GHCL vide letter No. GHCL/HR & Admn/Manpower/2115-19 dated 05.05.2021:


Adjustment of Surplus Employees of GENCO


  1. The orders are implanted immediately.
  2. The event of arrival/departure is notified to all concerned in due course.
  3. The pay of those surplus employees who have been adjusted against lower posts will be protected as per rules.
  4. In case any litigation arises from the surplus employees so adjusted, GHCL will defend all court cases at its end.
  5. The surplus employees will be placed at the bottom of the respective seniority list of the cadre on their adjustment in QESCO.
  6. Although utmost efforts have been made in the issuance of orders yet GHCL will ensure that the adjustment of surplus staff is made according to the plan circulated vide letter No. GHCL/HR & Admn/Manpower/2015-19 dated 05.05.2021 before relieving the above-mentioned surplus staff.

Special Thanks: Mr. Mefooz Ahmad Khan


Adjustment of Surplus Employees of GENCO

Adjustment of Employees


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