Increase Tenure Track System (TTS) Pay Package 2021

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Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued an Office Memorandum on 29-09-2021 in connection with Increase Tenure Track System (TTS) Pay Package 2021. In the same way, Higher Education Commission has also issued its Notification on 30th Sep 2021.


Increase Tenure Track System (TTS) Pay Package 2021


In pursuance of approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, conveyed by Finance Division, Government of Pakistan vide its Office Memorandum No.F.N.4 (6)R-4/2006 dated 29.09.2021 (Annex-I), HEC is pleased to notify enhancement in the Tenure Track System (TTS) pay Package @35% w.e.f. 20.09.2021. The existing and revised TTS Salary will be as under:


Category Existing TTS Salary Package Revised TTS Salary Package Stages
Min. Inc. Max. Min. Inc. Max.
Professor 292,500 14,300 507,000 19,305 19,305 684,450 15
Assistant Professor 195,000 11,375 365,625 15,356 15,356 493,590 15
Assistant Professor 130,000 8,937 264,055 175,500 12,065 356,475 15


35% Gap Between BPS and TTS Faculty Salaries


  1. Henceforth, a 35% gap would be maintained between Basic Pay Scales (BPS) and TTS Faculty Salaries. Moreover, up to 15% of faculty would be eligible for 100% increase who meets the additional benchmarks of ‘h index of 25’ and ‘5000 citations’
  2. the other terms and conditions shall remain the same as contained in finance Division’s U.O No, F.4(10)R.4/02-(Vol. I) dated 09.08.2007, circulated by the Higher Education Commission vide its Notification No. F.P.2-103/HEC/2007/776 dated 15.09.2007 (Annex-II).


Increase Tenure Track System (TTS) Pay Package 2021


TTS Pay Scales 2021


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