Clarification of Personal Allowance and Charge Allowance

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Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued a Notification on 03-03-2022 in connection with the Clarification of Personal Allowance and Charge Allowance in Punjab for AEOs. The details are as under:

Clarification of Personal Allowance and Charge Allowance


Grant of Personal allowance to the Assistant Education Officer initially appointed as SSE/SST and Drawing Personal Allowance but later on appointed as Assistant Education Officers through complete process amongst SSE/SST


Will the Deputy Inspector Treasury & Accounts (Estt.). Government of Punjab. Inspectorate of Treasuries & Accounts kindly refers to his letter bearing No. IT.FD(TT))7-2/2019, dated 15th November 2021 on the subject noted above?

The case has been examined and observed that the viewpoint of DAO-I Bahawalpur is incorrect. However, the response of the Finance Department is as under:


ViewPoint and Response

Sr. No. View point of DAO-I Bahawalpur Response of FD
i. That those SSTs drawing already personal Allowance but appointed as AEO under Recruitment Policy, 2016 are entitled to a grant of Personal Allowance. SSTs upon appointment as AEOs are not entitled to Personal Allowance in the light of letter bearing NO.FD/SR-II/9-214/2013, dated 02.04.2014 of Finance Department.
ii. That they are also entitled to grant of Charge Allowance sanctioned by the Govt. of the Punjab vide No.SO9SE-III) 2-16/2007, dated 29.10.2009 read 05.04.2018 for the Teachers working against administrative posts. SSTs appointed as AEOs are also not entitled to Charge Allowance in the Light of letter bearing No. FD.PR-12-7/2007, dated 05.04.2018 of Finance Department.

Special Thanks: Mr. Nazir Ahmad Gill


Clarification of Personal Allowance and Charge Allowance

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