IMF has no Objection to Increase Salaries of Employees –Miftah Says

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As per the statement of Miftah Ismael, the Finance Minister, IMF has no Objection to Increase Salaries of Employees. He also added that the relaxation in income tax deduction; the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also no objection.

The IMF has no Objection to Increase Salaries of Employees


                There was news on social media that the IMF has raised an objection, that the Pakistan Government has increased the salaries and pension of employees on a large scale including revision of pay scales. In such news, there was also an objection to the pension increase. However, after the statement of Miftah Ismael, not all is clear. This is good news for the employees and pensioners. Now there are full chances that the employees will get an increase in salary as per Budget Speech 2022-23 Federal.

                The Government of Pakistan has also announced in Budget Speech 2022-23 to increase the slab for a tax deduction. Before as per the current situation, the Government is deducting tax from the salary of the person who has an annual 0.8 million salary. Now Government has decided for the coming financial year to increase the tax slab for salaried persons. The government will now deduct the tax from the employee who has a 1.2 million annual income or more. This is also a good decision of the Government of Pakistan. If Government does so, then the employee who is getting 1 lac or more pay will have to deduct the income tax. Every employee getting less than one lac monthly income is exempted from income tax wef 1st July 2022.

Such kind of false news was not from the Government side. Some people on social media are daily spreading such type of news.


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IMF has no Objection to Increase Salaries of Employees


From the above discussion, now the employees should relax. All rumors have gone if the Finance Minister says so and keeps his words. Just wait now for the Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2022-23 and pay increase as Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022.

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  1. Ab to iteraz lag gya ha Muftah sb. IMF ki taraf sey key 6 to 12 lac annual income waley ab 2.5% income tax dain gye. sub jhoot boltey hain suba kuch aur bian sham koi aur bian.


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