Women on Wheels (WOW) Training for College Girls Students

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Government of Sindh, College Education Department issued a Notification on 27-07-2022 in connection with Women on Wheels (WOW) Training for College Girls Students.  According to the Notification, the Women Development Government of Sindh is going to provide motorcycle training to interested girls students in the colleges.

Women on Wheels (WOW) Training for College Girls Students

The following data, the concerned department has demanded from the colleges:


College Grounds DATA


1 Region
2 District
3 Taluka
4 College Name
5 Ground Available (Yes/No)
6 Ground Type (Plain / grassy)

Interested Students DATA

1 Student Name
2 Father Name
3 Class
4 College Name
5 Name of DPE of the College
6 DPE Contact Number

Facilitation of Girls Students


It is a good initiative of the Government of Sindh. The girls in this way will be able to get the training of driving the motorcycles/scooties. This will help their parents a lot. The girls will go to their colleges themselves. They will have no more to hire private vehicles, Rickshaws to go to their colleges. They will also have to no more wait for public transport. The students will just ride on their motorcycle/scooties and go to college and hence back.

                It is also suggested that the Government of Sindh also provide interest-free scooties for female employees on easy installments and Punjab Government earlier decided and allotted an amount in the Annual Budget 2022-23.


Women on Wheels (WOW) Training for College Girls Students

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