Notification of Holiday on 26th Dec 2022 in Sindh (For Christians Only)

Government of Sindh SGA&CD issued a Notification on 20-12-2022 in connection with the Notification of a Holiday on 26th Dec 2022 in Sindh for Christians only.  All other communities will perform their duties as routine.

Notification of Public Holiday on 26th Dec 2022 in Sindh Christian Community

                        The government of Sindh issued a notification dated 20-12-2022 to declare one more Public Holiday in Sindh. The Government has declared 27th December as a Public holiday all over the Country. Sindh Government also declares 26th December as a Public holiday.  The government of Sindh declares it as a holiday in concern with Christmas.  The Christian Community celebrates Christmas on 25th December 2022. The celebrations usually take days as it is a special day for Christian Community. They pray on this day and perform other social activities.

                     Giving the priority to the Christian Community’s special religious day, the Government of Sindh declares a Public holiday on 26th December as well. As per the notification by the Government of Sindh, it will be a public holiday throughout Sindh. It will be a holiday for Christian Community only. The Christian employees can enjoy the occasion of Christianity with their families. According to the notification of the Services General Administration and Co-ordination Department Sindh, the essential services and those engaged in the COVID-19 emergency and Flood Relief will be working as usual. These activities and services should not be suspended at all. The authorities have to make sure that emergency and essential services are working as usual and no collapse comes in their performance.


Sindh Govt Announced Holidays in December


The government of Sindh announces a public holiday in December. Most institutes are closing this week due to winter vacations.  Sindh Government also announced a holiday on 27th Dec 2022 on the eve of the anniversary of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. These vacations shall end at the end of December. The institutes shall reopen in January.  There are two more important days in the history of Pakistan. First is 25th December, which is the Birthday of the Founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  Quaid e Azam day is celebrated around the country on 25 December every year. Christmas is a holy day for Christians all over the world. Pakistani Christian Community also celebrates this day. There are no restrictions for them. They celebrate the occasion with zeal and joy.


Notification of Holiday on 26th Dec 2022 in Sindh (For Christians Only)

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  1. It’s great to see that Punjab University recognizes the importance of Labour Day and has announced a holiday for its staff and students. Download Notification


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