Establishment of University of Attock in Punjab

The government of the Punjab, Higher Education Department issued a Notification on 27-12-2022 in connection with the Establishment of the University of Attock in Punjab. The details are as under:


Establishment of the University of Attock in Punjab


Education is the key to success. In this modern age, Education earns a prominent place. Everyone understands the importance of higher education. In this modern age, higher level education is included in the priorities of life. Due to the importance of higher education,  the number of students in every region is increasing who are obtaining higher education. As the number of university students is increasing, the need for the establishment of new universities is also increasing.

The Section Officer  (PUB, UNIV-III) writes to the Secretary,  Law & PA Department on the matter of the Bill of Establishment of the University of Attock. According to the letter dated 27-12-2022, The Chief Minister allows the placement of the Bill for the enactment of the University of Attock in the Provincial Assembly, in term of sub-rule (7) of 33 of Punjab Government Rules of Business 2011. The Section Officer,  in this regard, requests the Secretary,  Government of Punjab,  Law and PA Department,  to introduce the Bill in this Assembly for Consideration.

The bill shall be introduced in the Punjab Assembly,  for consideration, by the concerned authorities. After passing the bill, the establishment of the University Of Attock will be possible. The university of Attock is one of the basic needs of the day for the Students of Attock. It will allow them great relief, as they have to travel to other cities for higher education.


The more Universities in the province, the higher educated people in the province. The government of Punjab should establish more and more Universities. In these Universities, the students should get free education. If Government does free education for all, the level of literacy will increase tremendously.


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Establishment of New University of Attock in Punjab

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