Revised Approved Summary Upgradation Federal Employees BS-01 to BS-16

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The Prime Minister Office Islamabad issued the Revised Approved Summary Upgradation Federal Employees BS-01 to BS-16. There are chances that now the Finance Division will issue the upgradation of clerical staff Notification soon. The details are as under:

Revised PM Approved Summary Upgradation Federal Employees BS-01 to BS-16


The Prime Minister has seen and is pleased to observe as follows:-


  • The payment of different allowances (otherwise frozen at certain levels) to employees holding ministerial posts in different offices, owing to their job description, cannot be the basis for creating inconsistencies in their service structure;
  • The Disparity Reduction Allowance, allowed to the employees of the Federal Secretariat, was not given to the employees of Offices referred to at para 15 of the summary. Thus, there may only be a nominal difference between the take-home salary of the employees of the Federal Secretariat and of the above two offices. In case, the benefit of change in service structure is not allowed to employees of this office, it will likely put them in a disadvantageous position;
  • Further, any discrimination in the service structure of the employees is also likely to be agitated in the courts based on the protection available under section 3 of the Civil Servants Act, 1973.


In view thereof, the Prime Minister has been pleased to reiterate his earlier orders at para 15 of the summary.

Further, necessary action shall be taken accordingly.


Revised Approved Summary Upgradation Federal Employees BS-01 to BS-16




Para-15 PM Previous Summary


The Prime Minister has been and is pleased to approve the proposal contained in paras 3 & 4 read with para 12 of the summary with the stipulation that the words in para 4(i) “and who are in receipt of Disparity Reduction Allowances” shall stand omitted in case of employees of the President’s Secretariat (Public), President’s Secretariat (Personal), Prime Minister’s Office (Public) and Prime Minister’s Office (Internal).





The PM has again repeated the same orders about para-15 of the previous summary. As soon as further details I get about this summary I shall share here for the information with the employees.


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Up-gradation of LDC, UDC, and Time Scale Federal Employees


As per the summary the following benefits the Federal Employees will get:


  • LDC Up-gradation BPS-09 to BPS-11
  • UDC Up-gradation from BPS-11 to BPS-13
  • BPS-01 to BPS-05 Employees Two Scale Higher Pay
  • BPS-06 to BPS-16 One Scale-Up Pay Fixation
  • BPS-16 Employees One Increment




Revised PM Approved Federal Employees Summary 2023



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