Multi Random Finger Biometric Verification System

PTA introduces Multi Random Finger Biometric Verification System for mobile users. With the help of these verification systems, every customer or mobile operator will receive many facilities like:


  1. Purchasing mobile connections
  2. Receiving duplicate SIM cards
  3. Mobile number portability
  4. SIM disowning
  5. Changing Sim ownership
  6. Changing SIMs numbers etc.


Issuance of SIMs through Multi Random Finger Biometric Verification System


The Telecom industry has started issuing SIMs through an enhanced version of the Biometric Verification System (BVS) called Multi Finger Biometric Verification System (MBVS). This helps NADRA and Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) after a smooth transition to the new BVS.


Advantages of New Verification System


The new verification system will be helpful in eliminating the use of SIMs attained through illegal ways. Like as fraudulent financial transactions and other criminal activities.


PTA Launching New Verification System


Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has replaced old biometric verification with Multi Finger Biometric Verification System (MBVS) for issuing SIM cards.

The new initiative was launched for customer security. Thousands of Pakistanis fall prey to slick-talking scammers. These tricked them and deprive them of their hard-earned money. Scammers used fake identities to trick people by sending fake messages, emails, and phone calls.


Benefits of Multi Random Verification System


The main benefit provided by fingerprint ID is security. A person’s fingerprint cannot be cloned and the information is never exposed to criminals. Plus, as one of the most advanced forms of biometric authentication in the world, fingerprint analysis is almost 100% accurate


Purpose of Biometric System


Biometric verification is used to identify people in all sorts of settings, including the following, Financial institutions are using voice recognitions and other biometrics to identify phone callers.


No More Illegal SIMs  “Save Your Identity”


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) has introduced Multi Random Finger Biometric Verification System (MBVS) to carry out the following transactions after online verification from NADRA:


  • Buy/Activate a new SIM
  • Get a Duplicate SIM
  • Change of Ownership of a SIM
  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
  • Re-verification of SIM
  • Disowning of SIM


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Need for Multi Biometric Verification System


Due to the Danger of Illegal SIMs Registered in customers’ names, there are some negative effects. These dangers are:


Used by Mafia


Illegal SIM cards can be used for fraudulent or illegal means, such as using false identity documents or stolen personal information. If such a SIM card is registered in your name without your knowledge or consent.


Involving Criminal Activity


Criminals can use illegal SIM cards to carry out fraudulent activities such as identity theft, cybercrime, and financial fraud. If the SIM card is registered in your name, you could be falsely implicated in such criminal activity.


Harassment Issues


Customers could be responsible for such behavior and could face legal consequences. If the illegal SIM card is used to harass or threaten others.


Business loss

If the illegal SIM card is used to make fraudulent transactions or purchases, you could be held liable for financial loss.


Privacy Issues


The use of an illegal SIM card can also compromise your privacy, as your personal information and contacts can be accessed by the person using the SIM card.


Personal and National Security


Illegal SIM cards can also be used by terrorists or other criminal organizations to plan and execute illegal activities. These activities can pose a threat to national security.


Ensure Registration of SIM Cards


If the customer has an illegal SIM card registered in his name can pose serious dangers, both legal and personal. It’s important to ensure that all SIM cards registered in your name are obtained through legal means. This helps you to take certain steps to protect your personal information. This could be from identity theft and fraud.  As per analysis, almost a big percentage of SIMs used in fraud cases belong to females. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that the identity information of females is more likely to be used for the issuance of illegal SIMs.


Reporting  to PTA


In case of any mismatch or complaint, lodge a complaint to PTA by Online Complaint Form


PTA CMS Mobile App (Android/iOS).PTA’s Toll-Free Number is 0800-55055

The check should be applied. Especially for those old ladies who are not aware of the above process, even if they do not use a mobile phone at all.


Important Steps of Security


Every Mobile user must follow these steps to ensure security:


  1. Take help from MBVS centers. These are customer service from registered centers, franchises, and MBVS device holders.
  2. Provide thumbprint for verification.
  3. Take a SIM card after verification.
  4. Ensure to provide thumbprints to registered MBVS device holders.
  5. Send the ID card number to 668 to know the number of SIMs registered.


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Multi Random Finger Biometric Verification System

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